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Want to help? Think Drive by!

For those who have been following Project Hawaii and seen our impact on the homeless keiki on our islands might be curious on how you can help!

One of our MOST popular and easiest volunteer options would be to help out at our Drive By fundraisers. Pearl City, Kapolei, and Kane'ohe are places we frequent so you can choose to go to ones that are closest to you!

What do we do?

As cars stop at the lights, we wear brightly colored clothes, wave our signs, and collect money from generous donors. This money then goes to enriching our homeless keiki's lives!

You can see in the picture above our nets!

In a funny story, we first had only one bowl in the net to keep any coins from falling out, but one of our children had it flipped over! However, when we tried to correct him he said the bowl on top was to keep the money from flying away!


From then on, we used two bowls! One to keep the money from falling and another to keep it from flying!

Not only do you help a great cause by volunteering with us, but it is also a fun way to get your steps in! By walking and collecting money, you can get your allotted exercise in for the day!

This is a great way to get your family, club, youth groups and more active while helping out the community! Two birds with one stone!

Volunteering is super important and has many benefits for you as well!

  1. Bring a sense of fulfillment

  2. Escape from your daily routine

  3. Lowers stress

  4. Improves your mood

  5. Feel healthier

  6. Meet new people!

This volunteering opportunity can also count towards hours needed for the National Honor Society or other school volunteer requirements as long as you bring the appropriate paperwork.

If you are interested in volunteering having your group (clubs, youth groups, or family and more) volunteer with us, keep an eye out on our Instagram (@projecthawaiiinc) and website: for more information!

And if you see any of these friendly folks waving these nets and signs, be sure smile back!

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