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Partner with Us

At Project Hawaii, we serve as a vital resource for children in need, offering guidance and encouragement to help them develop essential life skills. Our interactive programs are designed to break the cycle of poverty and empower our young participants to achieve success.

Our partners are integral to making this mission a reality. By providing crucial resources, our partners enable us to deliver impactful programs and support to our homeless keiki. We believe in creating partnership agreements that are mutually beneficial, ensuring that both our partners and the children we serve reap the greatest benefits.

Join us in making a significant difference in the lives of these children. Together, we can help them build a brighter future.

Interested in Partnering with Us to Help End the Cycle of Poverty?

We welcome collaborations with corporations and organizations committed to making a positive impact in the lives of homeless children. If you're dedicated to being the change these children need, please fill out the request form on the right. We look forward to working together to create brighter futures.

Tropical Beach


Mahalo for your Interest in becoming a Partner to ending Homelessness

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Join the Pāwalu Circle PARTNERS
(Pāwalu - 8 Strand Lei that is Unbreakable)

A Pāwalu Circle partnership signifies a genuine commitment to making a positive impact in our island community. By partnering with Project Hawai'i Inc., you'll be actively working to break the cycle of poverty for our homeless keiki.

We invite you to reach out to us so we can discuss how this partnership can help fulfill your charitable goals. Project Hawai'i Inc. is ready for you to become one of our leading Pāwalu Circle partners. Let's work together to create lasting change.


Keri Philpott-Shepherd  
CMG Financial

She is dedicated to help end the cycle of poverty and homelessness with her long-term contributions. She truly is the difference in these precious children's lives 

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Partnering with us to empower our youth for success!

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Crown Lei Partners ~  $100,000 +

Maile Lei Partners ~  $50,000 ~99,000.

Pikaki Lei Donors.   ~     $25,00. - $49,900.

Orchid Lei Donors  ~     $10,000. - $24,900.

Plumeria Lei Donors   ~         $5,000. - $9,900.00

Community Partners ~ Creating Change

Central Supply, Inc.
big_island_granite_co gives back to homeless keiki transitional housing on big island with Project Hawai’i, Inc.
salem radio supports homeless keiki
yamada furnature gives to Project Hawai’i, Inc.
oldnavy supports Project Hawai’i, Inc.
starbucks supports Project Hawai’i, Inc.
TargetCircle_Nonprofit helps homeless keiki with Project Hawai’i, Inc.
target careers partner with Project Hawai’i, Inc. to help homeless go back to work
Project Hawaii Radiothon Bubbles.jpg
Lex Brodies gives back to homeless keiki
Soccer shots
bombas socks gives to homeless keiki Project Hawai’i, Inc.
fuel up do good for homeless keiki with Project Hawai’i, Inc.
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