The largest growing age group of homelessness on Hawai'i island are teens and young adults. According to officials of Waikiki, there are 150 unattended teens on the streets of Waikiki. 


Children born into homelessness and not given the proper guidance and support are now transitioning into becoming a homeless adult. These teens and young adults are our future and will have an impact in our community. Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring and Outreach program focuses support to teens living on the streets of Waikiki. 

Our goal is to create a trustworthy relationship with the teens to help keep them safe and healthy. We connect with each teen on a one on one basis to help them identify and reach their goals.  Project Hawai'i guides our teens towards helping them escape their cycle of poverty and homelessness.

The Teen Mentoring and Outreach program utilizes leadership and mentoring workshops conducted by certified or licensed counselors to support the homeless teens achieve their goals. Project Hawai'i regularly provides 3 hour workshops covering vital topics homeless teens can use to be their stepping stones to success.  Workshop topics include:
  • Leadership Skill    *Self Car   *How to Deal with Pain and Loss   *How to Express Feelings  *Overcoming School Harassment
Teens receive certificates they can use towards scholarships,  educational assistance, as well as employment needs.  The Teen Mentoring program is creating future leaders by allowing the teens to take charge of their own educational growth by standing up to the challenges they face. 
The success of Project Hawaii's Teen Mentoring program is driven by providing the following support: Click for more information on each step






Waikiki TEENS


Project Hawai'i goes into the streets and popular gathering spots of homeless teens to distribute needed items such as food, meal cards, gift cards for personal hygiene products, and gift cards to be used for essential life supplies. 


Life supplies can be anything teens need to ease the burden of living on the streets such as clothing for school or work, shoes, a backpack, a skateboard to get to and from school or work.  We also assist them with school based program fees to further develop their educational skills.

On average, Project Hawai'i is providing each of the homeless teens in our program $75 per month in much needed aid to help keep them safe and develop essential life skills.  



Project Hawai'i works with homeless teens to make sure they are connecting with both our  programs as well as trusted community resources that can make a positive impact in their lives.

We're able to connect them to essential resources with assistance in the areas of healthcare including mental healthcare, housing, education, and employment services.


Connecting teens to the resources they need strengthens the relationship we have with them and further helps the teen build the essential life, social, and educational skills they need to break their cycle of poverty and homelessness.


Project Hawai'i volunteers meet regularly with our homeless teens for counseling and to help them identify short and long-term goals to their success.  We assist them in developing and carrying out their plans. Each teen's situation is unique so we work with the individual to meet their specific needs.

The Teen  Mentoring program utilizes all 5 areas of our Helping Hands vision by incorporating building basic life skills, education skills, and social skills in the individual. This program works to keep our homeless youth healthy and instill in them the self confidence they will need  to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. 

Project Hawai'i strives to reduce and eliminate the negative outcomes usually associated with teen homelessness by guiding towards positive outcomes such as sparking a desire to learn, feeling a support system they can count and rely on, high school graduation, a college education, and more. 

We understand that nothing about this process is easy, but it begins with each teen understanding that we have a strong belief in them and they will see rewards for their hard work to do and be better.


We have partnerships with different companies across the islands to conduct our workshops. Such as the Queen Kapiolani Hotel, Team Lally Real Estate, Wiki Fresh, and Target Stores.

Our teen workshops are conducted by a wide variety of community members including college students working towards their practicums, woman in business, leadership instructors, art teachers, and so much more.

In 2019, our core team including our interns completed Leadership and Self Development Course to help our leadership skills and mentoring skills.




Getting homeless teens enrolled in school is an absolute priority of Project Hawai'i as it provides many benefits to the at risk youth


Benefits for homeless teens being enrolled in school include greater food stability as their breakfasts and lunches will be subsidized by the state. Schools provide a far safer environment than being on the street and the value of basic life, educational, and social skills taught to our our youth throughout the course of the school day cannot be overstated.


Project Hawai’i, Inc.  provides all their needs from school clothing, backpacks, school fees, etc.  



When teens are emotionally and physically stable enough to begin looking for employment, Project Hawai'i is there for them to support them find the right resources to help them in their job search. We have partnered with Queen Kapilolani Hotel to conduct workshops and training sessions. Target Stores have also stepped up to provide interview skills and training as well as employment in their stores. 

We help provide work clothes and in some cases a skateboard or scooter to help get them there. We support them and counsel them to assist them to overcome the challenges of working and making financial budgets. It's amazing to see the confidence and pride that results in teens when they're held accountable to their work goals.

Our newest partnership includes job interview training with Target staff which can result in job training on site for the teens.

We have partnerships for hiring with DelTaco, Blaines Drive In, Wiki Fresh, MacNut Factory. Mentoring opportunities with local business owners with specific career paths, such as auto mechanic, the S.I.S Project in Waianae.



On average, Project Hawai'i is providing each of the homeless teens in our program $75 per month in much needed aid to help keep them safe and develop essential life skills.  


  • Meal Gift Cards - $10

  • Personal Hygiene Gift Cards - $15

  • Clothing / Shoes for School and Work - $35

  • Life Supplies - $15

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If you have any questions regarding sponsoring our homeless keiki for the Teen Mentoring program, please use this questionnaire to contact us. 

Another Example how  PROJECT HAWAI'I Changes Lives

Children growing up homeless or in poverty typically do not leave the beach, Keawe trees,or mountains they call home. They do not have the opportunities to leave their small area to learn about the rest of our joyous island.


There are so many wonderful sights that are inexpensive and nearby that we assume these children have access to. We as an organization attempt to look past this reality and help to break this cycle.  Places we take for granted can have a life changing impact for our homeless children. 

One teen who attended our Summer Camp in past years said that she hadn't even known there was a mall on her island until Project Hawaii, Inc took her there. When she got her work permit she applied for several jobs and successfully worked at a mall she hadn't even known existed. 

These are the seemingly small experiences and basic knowledge we can provide that can make such a difference in the lives of these children.


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