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       Teens are the largest growing homeless population in Hawai'i. Over 150 teens live in the Waikiki streets. Our programs provide resources and stability to put their lives back on the track to success. Our year-round programs teach them to find their passion while building life skills and self-esteem.

Teens are our future. Our goal is to create trustworthy relationships with each teen to help keep them safe and healthy. Our program utilizes leadership and mentoring workshops conducted by certified and licensed counselors to support them achieve their goals.

Teen MentoringPrograms

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We expanded to include our new outreach program for the homeless teens of Waikiki in 2018. Working hands-on, one-on-one in the evening hours, we have since been able to get teens in school, employed, and connected with resources to housing options. In the first 9 months, we successfully helped 23 teens escape  living on the streets of Waikiki.

Our program's short term goals include school enrollment, resource connection, provision of supportive services and supplies, helping find and secure employment, as well as providing a bi-weekly outreach program. Our teens are our future; we can help them achieve joy and productivity, or we can just stand by and watch them try to figure it out on their own, struggling in the situation they were born into.

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We are looking for volunteers to help us with this project. Please reach out if you are interested in:

  • Conducting monthly outreach,

  • Providing needed support products,

  • Conducting fundraisers, or

  • Making donations.

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They need our help. We need yours.


Did You Know?

One third of Hawai'i's homeless population is under the age of eighteen. Most teens are unhoused by choice, driven out of their "home" due to physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse. All of the teens in our program desire to get off to he streets and attend school, become employed, and pursue a better life. 

 One-third are born and raised here, and over 70% have lived here for over ten years. Only 18% of these teens struggle with drug addiction. We are not equipped to save them all, but we can aid, support, and provide connections for them. 

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Project Hawai'i volunteers meet regularly with our homeless teens for counseling and to help them identify short and long-term goals to their success.  We assist them in developing and carrying out their plans. Each teen's situation is unique so we work with the individual to meet their specific needs.

Our teens know we are there for them every step of the way, even all the way through college graduation. In 2023, we will be opening our dormitory to house thirteen of our girls during their full two-year college commitment on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Resources & Job Training

When teens are emotionally and physically stable enough to begin looking for employment, Project Hawai'i is there for them to support them find the right resources to help them in their job search. 

We help provide work clothes and, in some cases, a skateboard or scooter to help get them there. We support them and provide counseling to assist them in overcoming the challenges of working and creating financial budgets. It's amazing to see their confidence and pride when they're held accountable to their own goals.

We have partnerships with different companies across the islands to conduct our workshops, including the Queen Kapiolani Hotel, Wiki Fresh, Old Navy, and Target. The results of their partnerships have allowed our teens to have job training, interview skills, create resumes, and secure employment.

On average, we have 3-5 teens per month obtain part-time employment while attending high-school.

Employment Assistance


Workshops &

Our teen workshops are conducted by a wide variety of community members, including college students working towards their practicums, women in business, leadership instructors, art teachers, and so much more. Our teen workshop have impacted over 300 teens over the past 10 years which have resulted in the Presidents Award and scholarship opportunities.


In 2019, our core team including our interns completed Leadership and Self Development Course to help our leadership skills and mentoring skills. 

In 2021, our core team is being mentored and coached through the awarded Fellowship Program with Gratitude Network.

One of the 33 agencies who had the privilege of being selected.

In 2022, our director completed an intensive life skill/healing training to help our teens with even more growth

Invest in the wellbeing and growth of our teams by making a one-time or monthly donation for these vital programs.


For homeless teens, the benefits of being enrolled in school include greater  food stability, safer environments, and, of course, receiving life-long academic and social education.

The state of Hawai'i has one of the lowest rates of high-school completion, as well as continuing higher education. Project Hawai'i, Inc. has a 90% rate of high-school completion and 40% rate of continuing higher education.

Did You Know?

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Project Hawai’i, Inc. provides the supportive services for those who wish to participate school-based sports or clubs to help keep their minds active and their bodies healthy. This helps then stay focused, out of trouble and supports them gaining in self-esteem and confidence.

The results include lower drop out rates, less dependence on social service programs, and less teen pregnancies. Furthermore, our teens are guided through the college application process to attend higher education. 

Project Hawai’i, Inc.  provides all their needs from school clothing, backpacks, school fees, etc.  The typical cost per teen is $560, annually.

Teen Education

Our newest development is our college dormitory, opening in the Fall of 2024.  We have purchased a facility on the Big Island, 5.5 miles  from the University and Community College to house 12 girls for 2 years each.


Being homeless is not the ideal situation to attend college; therefore, most won't even consider the opportunity. Our program is designed to allow the teens to live in the dorms, free of charge, while they attend a full-schedule routine to obtain their chosen degree.


These teens will also be enrolled in on-site life and social skills workshops, employment training,  and counseling.

Each girl will have a shared room, transportation to and from the campus, meals, all-supportive hygiene/room support, and counseling. The dormitory is spacious with a large kitchen, 2 separate lounge areas and large outdoor gathering place.


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Our goal is to have each girl more on to a higher degree or certificate program with full scholarships after graduating from their 2 years while living on site. 

To sponsor a young lady on their college journey, donate now.

One semester is $5,400.  ~ One year is $10,800. ~ The full two years are $21,600. 

Help us save the processing fees and mail your donation to

Project Hawai’i, Inc. ~ P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749 

c/o College Dorms Donations.

Companies who wish to have a plaque to sponsor a room, please contact us.

Room Sponsorship opportunities start at $12,000- $75,000.

Legacy Founding Partnership $25,000.


Did You Know?

Established in 2006, our teen mentoring program started as a pilot program for a national, school-based program. Now, we have a 90% success rate of our program's teens graduating high school, with 40% continuing on to college or university.

The results of this program has lead to 99% more attendance in school with graduation. This program builds the self-worth to keep youth from doing drugs or getting into trouble. It encourages their progress and celebrates their accomplishment

Teen Mentoring
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Our teen mentoring program is a summer residential program, running 4 weeks with continued support year-round.​ Our teens attend four workshops in which they practice a variety of skills, including marketing, fundraising, presentation, communication, interview, public speaking, emotional healing, healthy lifestyle, mentoring and more. 

Each teen receives a 200-hour President's Award Certificate, which they also use towards scholarships. These volunteer hours are from working hands-on with younger, homeless children while practicing their newfound skills of leadership and mentoring. Teens also conduct fundraising and community events to practice their connection skills.



Our future goals for this program are:

  • to secure our own facility to host more students over a longer period of time, and

  • to include all school breaks.


If you can contribute to our goals in any way,

or know of any possible donors with facilities,

reach out or donate today.

We want to be able to
do even

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Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn teamwork, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem.

Poverty reduces a child's readiness for school because it leads to poor physical health and motor skills, diminishes a child's ability to concentrate and remember information, and reduces attentiveness, curiosity and motivation

There is substantial evidence that sports can be a path out of poverty for poverty stricken children. 

Studies show that less than 1% of homeless children participate in school based sports.

Through our programs they are encouraged to participate and we PAY their way... giving them hope and stability in knowing they can achieve all they desire to.

Athletics Support 

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We provide all level of support for our youth:

  • Providing uniforms, gear, shoes, etc.

  • Providing tuition costs, championship support

  • Providing tuition for sports camps.

If you can contribute to our goals in any way,

please do so. Our children are ready to succeed.

We have teens going on to play in college... you are their stepping stone to the cycle ending!

You are the Difference in their journey

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