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Outreach Program


Monthly outreach is the backbone to our success. Continuing to search for the homeless unsheltered children and providing monthly hygiene and meal cards as well as emergency care supportive needs.

We typically find 2-3 new families per month, and even more during the holidays.

We are able to reach out to approx. 1,500 homeless children annually. Currently we work with 408 on big island, 386 on O'ahu, and 157 on Maui full-time.

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Summer Educational Programs


Our award-winning summer camps provide the vital social and life skills needed for our children to succeed. We run our programs June-Aug.

Our program is very unique by providing 3 levels of learning for our keiki so they can start camp as young as 3 years and then become teen mentors through high school.

This program also provide our 350 homeless children with their back to school supplies.

For more details visit our

summer camp site

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Waikiki Teens on the Streets


Our Waikiki Teens on the Streets provides our 150 teens with their basic needs, gift cards for meals and hygiene. We also partner with retailers to help secure employment as well as training. Support services to keep them in school. We have also partnered with the S.I.S program to provide scholarships for college.

Our Teen Mentoring and Outreach programs have seen a 90% success rate of teens escaping their cycle of poverty. They graduate from High School, go on to college or pursue career choices.

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Christmas Wish Program


Our Christmas Wish program is a unique experience for these children. Providing wishes wrapped from Santa and delivered by elves across the islands of O'ahu , Maui & Big Island to over 1,200 children in the most remote areas. Christmas Parties across the islands. Our amazing event changes the lives of these children forever.

To read a Christmas story click here

christmas for homeless keiki.HEIC

College Dormitory 

Projected $478,500.00 

Our dormitory has been purchased and being developed to open

Fall 2022.

Housing up to 13 young ladies for their 2-year degree on the Big Island.

Open to all Islands Teens.

Annual Budget is projected to be $70,200.00

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