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Our Healthy Hearts for Homeless Keiki program is designed to allow our homeless youth the opportunities to participate in sports all year round. Keeping their Hearts healthy!

This program stated as a NEED for basic athletic shoes just to attend school. In 2005 the Hawaii government required all school aged children to wear closed toe shoes to participate  in recess or P.E. 

Healthy Hearts

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Across the islands we continue to support the needs of our homeless children by purchasing and supporting their athletic needs. 

We fund all their needs from shoes, uniform and equipment to fees, travel and camps. 

Annually we have dozens of youth participate in a large array of sports.

  • Football

  • Soccer

  • Baseball

  • Cheerleading

  • Tennis

  • Wrestling

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Surfing


Over a decade ago it was brought into law that every child needed athletic shoes to participate in recess and physical education at school. Most of Hawaii's children attend school in rubber slippers, not "closed toe shoes" 

We had to solve yet another government issues that affected the well-being of homeless children.

Statistics show that LESS THAN 1% of homeless children participate in sports.

OUR PROGRAM CHANGES that, and we have a 40+% enrollment rate with our teens.

The Impact

Participating  in sports promotes health and wellness in the child's most important developing years.

Other incredible benefits include brain development, memory and problem solving, high grades, leadership qualities along with responsibility.

For our children, the impact can go even further with building self-esteem, life and social skills and building relationships with the community members.

AND MANY OF OUR YOUTH earn scholarships for higher education.


As with all our programs, they succeed from your generosity! This is a year round need program with various costs per sports.

Give Today, Support their Future as they thrive

This a wonderful way for groups and clubs to be involved and make a difference in the lives of homeless children. We can assist with creating your own fundraising page to share with your members, help create a fun activity to reach your goals and involve your group.        This is an amazing event for kids to be involved!

Young Footballers on Bench

Athletic shoes for School/P.E.

Athletic Gear/Equipment 


Athletic Shoes for sports


Enrollment Fees


Team Uniform


Sports Camp /Tuition


Create the Change

Current Needs for SPRING 2023!! We have two boys on O'ahu needing Football Gear/Tuition. On Big Island we have several kids in little league and flag football who need sponsors. As well teen girls in Cheerleading and track. Kona side we have a basketball player and baseball player in high school. 


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Our Sponsors

shane victorino foundation supports Project Hawai’i, Inc. and homeless keiki children in hawaii
shane and melissa victorino help homeless keiki in hawaii with Project Hawai’i, Inc. project hawaii
play60 nfl supports project hawaii sports for homeless keiki children in hawaii #play60 #sportsinhawaii
nfl charities supports project hawaii to help homeless children keiki in hawaii
starbucks supports project hawaii sports for homeless keiki in hawaii with Project Hawai’i, Inc. children
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