Healthy Hearts of Homeless Keiki Campaign

Our annual Healthy Hearts for Homeless Keiki campaign gets started in February to help collect the funds needed to provide year round support towards our homeless keiki sports and extracurricular activity needs. Every year children are left out of the wonderful of being part of a team, learning a new sport or activity due to lack of funds towards the required accessories, sometimes even as simple a pair of shoes. Project Hawai'i, Inc., believes that staying active and belonging is a huge key to their success...

Our goal is to have between $6,000-$8,000 for the year to help these children. The average child's need is between $180-$250.

Furthermore,  we provide a summer educational camp and will be introducing the children to a wide variety of activities from Yoga, all forms of Dance, Sports, Summer Olympics, ball sports and so much more.. all possible by YOU!


We are seeking health based groups, classes, gym owners, etc to host a FITNESS CHALLENGE or ONE -TIME FITNESS FUNDRAISER.


1. Statistics show that people support businesses that give back to the community/charity

2. People get more involved and will participate in more activities just because it is for charity, they even encourage their friends and family to join... more leads/customers/members for you.

3. Shoutouts and posting on our social media, website links, and being featured on our Fitness Challenge page (to be published soon)

4. Tax Deductions!! (including some secrets to double your donation)


These are guidelines from past success, of course you can choose your own guidelines.

1. Choose the time frame, whether it be a ONE TIME event to introduce your program, or long-term 4-6 week program. (you can choose your dates, doesn't have to be in Feb.. it is just our dedication month to get started)

2. Decide what your donation goal will be. $1,000., $2,000, etc. (typically you would have a set number in mind, and then involve your members to help reach that goal, by for example, every meeting attended is $1., every inch is a $2, every lbs is $1., etc. Pretty much each member will not go over the$20. mark... then have that member MATCH your donation.

3. Contact the media and your current vendors, insurance companies, anyone you do business with and have them make a match grant as well. This is an AWESOME way to help you spread the awareness of just how much you care for our homeless keiki.

4. For one time events, typically this is for you to promote your fitness venue, and can have a donation or entrance fee that is donated by the member to be and YOU match that donation. Have them invite friends, etc.


1. We will come and make a presentation about our program, share stories about the children, and can show a slideshow if possible.

2. For longer programs, we can come mid way as well, or at the end.

3. Photos with the BIG check and announce that in the local media, our newsletters, social media etc.

4. Social media shout outs throughout the sessions

Another Great way to make this fun and special for the participants.

Make event  t-shirts  YOUR NAME Fitness Challenge for Homeless Keiki, or something like that... the shirts can be sold for a donation of $20, you take your cost back and the rest goes to charity. You get added exposure and lasting advertising. People like to wear their event shirts and show the world they helped.


Gym Owners/Group Organizers

Don't own a gym, but want to help set up a fundraiser or set up a challenge? Click here for the Coordinator Information

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