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Our Programs

Our programs are created to work together for the betterment of each child as a whole. Project Hawaii's  year-round programs and holiday events provide the stability and continuity in an unstable environment. These programs provide the child with childhood experiences that help shape their self-worth. Our precious children grow with new life and social skills that help them to develop their own self-identity.
Our educational and summer programs introduce the children to experiences and opportunities that would otherwise be out of their financial reach. Our mentoring programs help to instill the self confidence and self-determination they need to follow their dreams. Our community support and volunteer teams provide a sense of belonging to a larger community, a community that cares for their well being.
The small touches, the attention to detail, the "little things" that come from learning what each child needs is unmatched and the impact is life changing.  Your donations and support allow our programs to run and our keiki to join our 'ohana throughout the year. They would not be possible without you. Join our journey and make your impact shine through the lives of these homeless keiki.

Program Information

Explore our Programs and find the one that best fits your passion.
Helping Homeless Keiki succeed

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