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Today’s keiki are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why it’s important to make sure they grow up safe, happy, and healthy. Project Hawaii Inc. understands this and provides stability and support to children in need through programs that include education, training, and summer camps.


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Heroes Next Door ~ Hawai'i Tribune  2018

We recently asked readers to help shine a light on the good works of a few true unsung heroes. Readers responded with nominees from divergent walks of island life who share a common desire to help others. Star-Advertiser editors chose five Heroes Next Door who will be highlighted in stories through Dec. 30.


Shane and Melissa Victorino Brings Project Hawai’i, Inc.  to Maui ~ Lahaina News

“Project Hawai’i Inc. has been asked to come and implement our programs to the homeless/unsheltered on Maui for years. Because we are solely supported by public donations, it has been a long process. We are honored to be called upon to establish an outreach program on Maui; and now, with the support from the Shane Victorino Foundation, we have the starting foundation to proceed,” Kama explained. 

more details.

Nonprofit comes to Maui to help end the cycle of homelessness for our keiki. 

More Details

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'Olelo Featured Charity.
Making an Impact

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Elves on a Mission ~ Honolulu Advertiser

Project Hawai’i Christmas elves deliver Christmas Cheer to the Homeless Keiki across the island on New Years eve to assure no child is left out from Santa's Delivery. These elves hike up mountains, check under bridges, go deep into the bushes and check every beach.

Homeless children await the arrive of Santa's Elves and know they are loved.


Kokua Line ~ Legitimate as they come

Elizabeth Watanabe, the owner of the Burgers on Bishop in Honolulu, attested Magin Patrick has "dedicated her life to helping homeless children."

"It's probably as legitimate (an organization) as they come," she said. when being interviewed on the Kokua Line with June Watanabe ~Reporter

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Coconut Girl Wireless Follows our Journey

There’s one woman and one program located on the Big Island* that seems to go above and beyond in order to provide and make a difference and that’s Magin Patrick with  Project Hawai’i, Inc. 

 "It’s inspired by one hard workin’ wahine, Magin Patrick, who is like the fairy godmother to Hawai’i’s homeless keiki. "

Read all the articles posted....

Project Hawai’i, Inc. First to Respond Amid Pandemic ~ Hawai'i Tribune-Herald

Being the only outreach nonprofit on Big Island, Project Hawai‘i Inc. is excited to announce it received a grant from the Hawaii Community Foundation under the Kuki‘o Community Fund to provide hundreds of homeless children with meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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School Supplies Change Lives ~ Big Island Times

“Our children know what it feels like not to be enough,” Project Hawai‘i, Inc. stated. “Our children hold on to the hope of a better future because they know we are always there for them.” Partnering with the Hawaii Community Foundation and sending our homeless keiki off to school prepared and full of self confidence.


International Students Making a Difference ~ University of Hilo

The International Student Association partnered with Project Hawai‘i, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides services to homeless children.

This year, Jim Mellon, director of the university’s international student services and intercultural education programs, decided to do something a little different and “flip the tables.”

“Instead of families in the community ‘adopting’ a student, the students ‘adopted’ kids in the community,” explains Mellon 


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Lahaina News.. Help Homeless Keiki on Maui 

“Project Hawaii Inc. will be out in full-force across the island (Maui) locating all the homeless children that were clean swept over the last months. We will bring meals, hygiene and sign them up for Christmas,” the charity reported last week.

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Fuel Up ... Do Good 'Ohana Fuels ~Big Island Times

We had an amazing time over the 3 month long program bringing volunteers together at our carwashes, making fun social media videos all while raising the funds needed to change lives.

Between the Big Island and Maui island efforts, community support and gas sales we raised almost $12,000.00 towards our teen mentoring programs.


Car Wash to Help Homeless Keiki. 

Waiakea Water and the Hilo Lions Club host a car wash for the 'Ohana Fuels project.


Project Hawai’i, Inc. Impacting Maui ~
Maui Family Magazine

When asked why she has dedicated her life to making a difference, she replied that when she moved to the islands in 2002 and set up this program, people often asked “why.” She didn’t always know how to explain it in words. Then she was watching a PBS special with a wonderful Hawaiian Kupuna who shared that everyone is born with a purpose — their “Kuleana.” That touched her soul, and she felt that this work was her Kuleana — the reason she was put on this earth.


Project Hawai’i, Inc. introduces a jr. leader program for homeless boys in the middle school. Partnerships make it possible for program to impact more lives.


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Love Big Island Winner

OUR FAVORITE BIG ISLAND CHARITY!! Votes are in and Project Hawai’i, Inc. is this years winner.


California Institute of Technology ~CSO

Diana Bisel at the CSO led her art project to create CSO rockets at the camp. With help from seven volunteers that include Ryan Bisel and Jordan Kamimura at Hilo High School, children made their own CSO rockets with their creative designs.

Opening the minds of our homeless keiki and introducing space at the Imiloa Center


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Kamehameha Foundation's Charity Choice

In the years of 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 the Kamehameha Foundation raised money to support the Project Hawaiʻi Christmas Wish Program to reach a goal to help over 1600 houseless children on Oʻahu, Maui and Hawaiʻi Island.


Trees of Hope ~ West Hawai'i Today

KOHALA COAST — Fairmont Orchid is teaming up with Project Hawaii, Inc. to provide 350 homeless keiki on Hawaii Island gifts, hygiene kits and a festive meal to celebrate the holiday season.


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Anthology Yule Store Purchases Summer Camp Van for homeless keiki

In the years of 2016 & 2018 the Anthology Employees have chose to raise money to support the Project Hawaiʻi through their Yule Store to reach a goal to help purchase our summer camp van for the homeless keiki. The Yule Store is a Silent Auction that provides hundred of items from all their advertising clients. In leu of a holiday party they choose to give back to charity. We were honored to have been chosen twice. First ever to have this honor


Volunteers Provide Life Needs to Homeless Keiki ~ Tribune Herald

Project Hawaii volunteers are off across the island providing life necessities to homeless children living in the most remote areas. Providing year round support to children living in extreme poverty situations.


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Project Hawai'i is not just a handout. Providing Care on 3 -islands ~ Big Island Times

When asked what makes Project Hawaii unique, Farley said, "I would say it relates back to the hands-on approach. The founder of the company, Magin Patrick, personally works with and knows hundreds of the homeless children and their families. She has worked closely with many of these children for years. We don't just give handouts. Our programs are meant to educate, encourage and show kids a better path for their futures."


Making Easter Special for Homeless Keiki ~ Big Island Life

Project Hawaii volunteers are off across the island providing life necessities to homeless children living in the most remote areas. Providing year round support to children living in extreme poverty situations.


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Marching for Homeless Children

Delta Company 53rd Signal Battalion 1st Space Brigade, got our coworkers and families to sponsor us in marching 20 miles, while carrying 55 pound ruck sacks on our backs to raise money for Project Hawaii. Why would we put on boots and carry 55 pounds and march 20 miles you ask? Because we see and believe in the difference Project Hawaii makes for these children.  These numbers are significant because 20 miles is the length of the Waianae district, which holds the largest population of homeless children in Hawaii.  55 pounds is the average weight of a healthy and well nourished seven  year old child.   This was to symbolize us trying to do our part to carry them out of their situation.


365 Kona Sending Homeless Keiki to Camp Kalopa  

"I was so moved by the beauty of  Kalopa State Park and how much my kids LOVED it there, that I want to be able to help other kids have a chance to experience it." states Julie Ziemelis. Author of How to Move to Kona/Realtor


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Girlz 4 Change Making a Difference

Courtney N. wrote about her experience at Longs: "Today we had an awesome time at GRLZ 4 Change. We are doing a hygiene drive and we went down by Longs and tried to raise money and hygiene products. We are raising this stuff for the homeless keiki along the Waianae Coast. I was happy I was helping the cause. I am also doing it tomorrow and I hope more people decide to donate. A lot of people donated, BUT, there were some people that just laughed and walked away. I can't wait till they do it again and we get to help."


Think Tech Hawai'i Featured Episode 

Project Hawaii has spent years developing programs for the special needs of our children and can tailor the programs to fit individual needs child. They know that the cause of homelessness starts from generational lack of social and life skills. Children are born into homelessness and without intervention, they will continue this cycle at no fault of their own.

Watch the Interview

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Na Koa Leather ~ Profits with Purpose ~ Big Island Gazette 

“I am so impressed by the impact that Project Hawaii, Inc, has achieved, especially since it is all with volunteer labor.  So I am thrilled by the decision to focus all our charitable giving for the entire year on this excellent organization.” says Andrea Butter, President. 

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Shane Victorino Stands Strong for the Homeless Keiki ~ Maui News

The protocols necessary to hold the events under COVID-19 restrictions were daunting to meet, Victorino said, despite the fact that his father Michael is the Maui County Mayor.

“Ultimately it is not about me, it is not about my foundation, it not about the individuals that are here — it’s about the youth and the keiki that are going to benefit from this,” Victorino said. “Project Hawaii and the group that will be the beneficiary and what they’re doing every day, going out into encampments and homeless areas, and reaching out to the youth and trying to bring them out.

“That’s to me is why I still did it.”


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