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Hunger Pains are real in the lives of over 23,000 keiki living in extreme poverty and homeless situations.
You can share a meal with a child and know they are going to bed with a full tummy.

                                          Help feed our Homeless Keiki

Share a Meal

During the first few years of life, a well-balanced diet is crucial to a child’s development. Children without access to enough nutritious food during this period are likely to develop more slowly and have trouble learning. As these children progress through life, they become more prone to illness and tend to be hospitalized more frequently than children from food secure homes.

Children who don’t have enough to eat are less likely to be social and participate in activities, both in school and out. Additionally, children who are hungry lack focus, which can result in poor academic performance.  We find children drop out of school as early as 10 years old due to their lack of educational skills, and tend to just show up for the free lunch.

                 Be part of their life and stop their hunger pains.

For those who wish to donate monthly.  We send updates and tax needs twice a year


Feed a Keiki

Feed a Family


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