Feed a Homeless Keiki

Share a Meal Coordinator

We are seeking those who would like to join our goals to end the cycle of poverty and help nourish these precious children. 

We provide year round services to over 1,500 homeless unsheltered children. Delivering healthy meals and food gift cards, as well as our summer educational programs, etc.

DUTY: Your position would be to help us promote our Share a Meal Program. This can be via email, social media etc. We have a link that you can share to have people sign up to make a monthly commitment to help feed a child. 

Share a Meal concept is to ask when taking your children or a friend out for a treat or a special meal, to open a place in YOUR heart to feed a homeless child. Making a monthly commitment allows us to reach our goals and feed even more children. (here is the link to share)

Thanks! Message sent.

How Many DAYS Away is YOUR NEXT Meal?

Statistics show that 98% of homeless children rely on their FREE MEAL program at school for their secure source of daily food. 

YES... so, when school is OUT for over 3 weeks during winter break, these children DO NOT know when they will eat again. 

Our "Share a Meal" program allows  YOU to assure these children have a healthy meal(s) over their long breaks. Hunger pains are REAL and no child should have to experience this reality. Our program allows YOU to include a homeless child in your holiday meal celebration with only $7.

Share  A  Meal Sponsor.

Invite a homeless child to share a meal when your family shares a special treat or moment in life. Open your heart to one of our homeless poverty stricken keiki.

Our goal is to provide a meal card to 100 children every month. To assure that whatever happens in their unstable life, they know they will have a hot meal... join our journey to help feed these precious children. Feel the power of giving and don't let another meal go by without sharing one with another.