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Please Note: If you do not see a volunteer opportunity that fits YOUR NEEDS, please read above "what it means to be a volunteer before contacting us with YOUR WANTS... not to be rude, but at this time, these are the available opportunities. We CANNOT create a volunteer opportunity to fit your wants, we are dedicated to the NEEDS of our homeless children. Mahalo for your understanding. 

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Monthly outreach is the backbone to our success. Continuing to search for the homeless unsheltered children and providing monthly hygiene and meal cards as well as emergency care supportive needs. 

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Monthly Outreach
2016 Budget $105,594

Our newest program in 2017 to help the unattended teens living on the streets of Waikiki escape their cycle of homelessness. Weekly Meals, Hygiene, Support Services, Workshops, and more coming in 2018. More details, click here

Waikiki Teens on the Streets
Budget undetermined

Providing basic hygiene needs to our homeless keiki and teens on a monthly basis as well as family gift cards to allow them to purchase what they need most. Want to make a commitment to child? Click Here

Keep our Keiki Clean & Healthy 
Budget Goals $12 per child per month

While we do provide meals on a monthly basis, at our events, etc. We are wanting to start a Share a Meal program and have more community support to help provide meal cards for our homeless children. 

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Share a Meal Program
$7 per child/$35 per family monthly

During the month of February we conduct fundraiser to help support our athletic funding program. Allowing homeless children to participate in sports/activities. Children develop so much from being part of an organized team. This is a great opportunity for local health providers and athletic focused clubs, etc to be involved. More details, click here 

Healthy Hearts for Homeless Keiki
Budget Goal $8,000.

We provide outreach across the islands to assure that all the children have their Easter Bunny Deliveries, Baskets, new outfits, hygiene and meal cards. Depending on our support, we provide an Easter Event complete with decorating eggs, etc . 

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Easter Celebrations
2016 Budget $36,700

Our award winning summer educational programs take place on both the Big Island and O'ahu during the months of June & July. For the FULL Website, click here

Summer Educational Programs
2016 Budget $173,180.

Assuring that the children are fully prepared for Back to School. Including their new backpack filled with all their school supplies, new outfits, new shoes and their school uniforms. P.E. support, etc

Back to School Support
2016 Budget $43,203

Hosting a Costume Workshop allowing children to make their own costumes. A trick or treat parade for hygiene and life necessities. Helping to raise self-esteem through the sense of belonging. We also have a healthy luncheon at the event 

Halloween Workshops
2016 Budget $3,980.

Providing outreach and meal cards and hygiene products assuring over the long break children have access to healthy meals

Thanksgiving Meal Program
Budget Goals $12,000.

Our largest holiday event of the year, sponsoring over 1,500 homeless children with their wish list items, meal support, holiday party and more. 

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Christmas Wish Program
2016 Budget $78,171.
our 990 filings
2016 Budget $479,183.