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Our Mommy and Me program was created by Leilani, a neonatal nurse who used her skills

and passion to bring prenatal and early development skills to our mommies and babies.

This program is currently run by our internship programs with students who are studying early childhood education, social work, or nursing. 

Mommy and Me

Our Goals

Our program was designed to help our mommies learn healthy and nurturing skills to aid their babies' development. We want to help these babies with their small and large motor skills to give them a head-start in their learning processes.

These programs also offer a sense of stability and support to both mother and child to relieve some of the stresses of raising a young child.

Our Reasons

Most unsheltered babies do not grow up with the basic attention they need to develop properly. Many will not speak properly until they enter school, or learn the basic skills a toddler needs before entering preschool.

Our program focuses on the development of the child while also equipping our mothers with the tools they need to aid their child(ren)'s development as best they can.

Our Program

Across O'ahu, we provide both workshops and supplies to our mothers in need, free of charge for children aged zero to two. 


Our weekly workshops cover mothering skills, emotional support, nutritional support, health guidance, keiki hula, and infant massage. Our programs and support vary for each participant, specialized for their needs by our intern leaders.


We also provide diapers, baby supplies, clothing, and other needed items. For pregnant mothers, we provide baby showers to help prepare for their baby's arrival.

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