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Who We Are 

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 Project Hawai'i Inc. is an award-winning volunteer staffed non-profit organization that has been supporting the needs of our island's homeless children since 2003.

We were established to be completely staffed by volunteers to create the community involvement to make change. We have over 200 volunteers across the 3 islands to help provide year round support to over 1,600 homeless children.


We continue to be solely supported by public donations, family foundations, and community partnerships to run all our programs. 100% of all YOUR donations are utilized to provide the stability for each child as they continue through our programs on their road to success. Feel the love of saving a homeless child today and become part of the Project Hawai'i 'ohana!

Project Hawai’i, Inc. directors co founders

Meet our amazing team. From co-founders Cliff Kama, Sr. and Magin Patrick, to each Team Leader, Committee Chair Director, and our Board of Directors, we are proud to serve the Keiki of Hawai'i.

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Authentic partnerships involve meaningful philanthropy, in-kind donations, and employee engagement. Together, we provide stability and continuity in an unstable environment. 

Project Hawai’i, Inc. homeless keiki living in crisis

We are ready to answer all your questions about us and our cause. Whether its the why and how of our organization, or understanding homeless across our islands, we are here to help.

What Makes Us Unique

We create solutions to get things done that help our clients succeed. Our solutions are individually based, not a "cookie cutter" concept. We are able to form individual bonds with each child. We are able to provide services to meet their individual needs to help them succeed. 

Being run 100% by volunteers, we are able to implement new programs or change our programs to better serve our goals. Our founders have seen first hand what is missing in other organizations and fill those gaps. Furthermore, when new laws and policies are passed that affect our children in school, we are able to adapt our services to include that with in hours!

While some people mistake us for just a feeding program or a hand-out, we actually have created programs that have shown success. Our programs work together to create the stability and continuity that the child needs to find their own self-worth. Our programs are structured to help the children gain self-esteem and life skills to successfully enter society as a contributing member.

Since 2003, we have successfully helped over 2,000 homeless children escape their cycle of poverty. From 2003-2006 we were able to create the solutions to help our small encampment of 76 children who were born 3rd generation into homelessness escape their cycle. Each family was able to obtain a structured housing situation, secure employment, or return to school. As of today these children are all still housed, they are having children of their own who will never know the crisis of homelessness.

We are not afraid of challenges or change. We are designed to be fluid and create the programs that change lives and break this cycle.

To break the cycle, we believe we must provide for as much of a child's full needs as we can for as long as we can. This includes educating them, both academically and socially, and exposing them to a world outside of poverty and homelessness. We provide for the whole child by working throughout the year to provide life changing opportunities, events, and interactive learning to these children living in extreme poverty situations. This exposes them to things we take for granted that are essential for growing in a positive way and will change the path of their life. One example of our "just doing it" is our summer educational programs. This now award-winning program, helping children succeed in school, graduating, and attending college, would not have been in existence if we had to have meetings, budget and feasibility studies or planning seasons. Instead our founder decide to take the concept offered to her by a youth group and created a disaster of a summer camp without knowing how to pay for it or what the next steps would be. No plan in hand, just the will to provide an amazing opportunity to hundreds of homeless children. With the community coming forward to her requests and eventually amazing education based leaders came forward and made it what it is today. 

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