Project Hawai'i Inc. is an award-winning volunteer run non-profit organization that has been supporting the needs of our island's homeless children since 2003. Our charity is solely supported by public donations.  100% of all donations directly benefit our homeless and poverty stricken children. Feel the love of saving a homeless child today and become part of the Project Hawai'i 'ohana!

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Our mission is to help Oahu and Hawaii Islands' homeless children break the cycle of poverty by building their self-esteem, keeping them healthy, and teaching them basic skills. Our Vision is to help our homeless children succeed and change the world.



  • We believe that all children have the ability to succeed, the future depending on the children, including our homeless

  • We believe that all children have the potential to break the generational cycle of poverty in their families

  • We believe that by teaching homeless keiki basic educational, life and social skills we can give them confidence and skills to succeed

  • We believe that showing a child consistent care and support gives them confidence and builds their self esteem 

  • We believe being solely run by volunteers we are able to provide more supportive services by dedicated people

Magin Patrick

Magin is the co-founder and Executive Director of Project Hawai'i Inc. 


Magin feels that it is her kuleana (responsibility) to devote her life to helping the homeless children create a brighter future. She has a passion that very few possess which drives her to show each and every homeless child that they are loved and will never be forgotten.

"I take the responsibility of spreading the awareness of the crisis our homeless children face on our islands very seriously."


She works tirelessly in an effort to feed, care for, and teach our children living in extreme poverty.

Her passion is driven from her own personal understanding of what it means to grow up with an unstable home life. She was displaced as a youth living unsheltered and knows all too well the feeling of having to go without food.

Cliff Kama

Cliff's passion of supporting the island's homeless keiki began when he joined Magin Patrick for an outreach event deep into the overgrown bushes and trees. "After walking a bit down the small footpath, children started running up to Magin and were just holding on to her. They asked her if she had bandaids to care for their scrapes and bruises, or slippahs to help keep the keawe thorns out of the bottom of their feet. I knew at that point something had to change."

Cliff is a retired educator and sports coach for at risk youth.  "I have seen first hand what happens to children and teens that are not prepared for school, are unable to participate in sports,  or suffer from a lack of proper social and life skills."


"As the co-founder of Project Hawai’i, Inc. I take on the challenge of changing the lives of our precious homeless children for the better."

Cliff has been championing the summer camp programs since their inception to be both educational and to foster the development of our keiki's socail and basic life skills. He is putting these children on a path to succeed and escape their cycle of poverty.

   What Makes US UNIQUE   


To break that cycle we believe we must provide for as much of a child's full needs as we can for as long as we can. This includes educating them, both academically and socially, and exposing them to a world outside of poverty and homelessness. We provide for the whole child by working throughout the year to provide life changing opportunities, events, and interactive learning to these children living in extreme poverty situations. This exposes them to things we take for granted that are essential for growing in a positive way and will change the path of their life.

Project Hawaii, Inc. is unique because we are able to form individual bonds with each child. We are able to provide services to meet their individual needs to help them succeed. Being run 100% by volunteers we are able to implement new programs or change our programs to better serve our goals. Our founders have seen first hand what is missing in other organizations and fill those gaps. Furthermore, when new laws and policies are passed that affect our children in school, we are able to adapt our services to include that. 

While some people mistake us for just a feeding program or a hand out, we actually have created programs that have shown success. Most of our population is not ready for the after-school programs, or a transitional program to service low-income programs. We help build those skills and have the confidence to succeed 

By doing this we form life-long bonds that help them succeed in a way they would never have thought possible. All of this is done completely by volunteers, so 100% of any donation goes directly to the needs of our keiki. Please join our journey to help these precious children secure their future.

33% of our keiki statewide go hungry on a daily basis. That means 1 in every 3 children will struggle with the nightmare of not getting to eat enough to stay healthy.


Project Hawai'i provides meal support to those who live in homeless and unsheltered conditions.


We provide outreach to children without a daily plan to access food, without proper nutrition, and without the supplies necessary to manage food storage.

Project Hawai'i conducts outreach across the islands to seek out homeless children living in extreme poverty situations. These precious children need emergency supplies that will range from sleeping bags and pillows, a tent and tarp for shelter from the rain and weather, cooking supplies, food, and various other emergency needs. On a monthly basis we typically meet 3-5 new families. During the holidays this number can rise to more than 20.

We cannot do this without your support! The love you share changes lives.                 

  • 100% of your donations are tax deductible 

  • 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs

  • Prefer to donate by mail and send in a check,

          Project Hawai’i, Inc.   P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749

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Enhancing the Lives of Homeless & Poverty Stricken Keiki

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749-1844 United States

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