College Dormitory Project

Our dormitory on the Big Island is nearly complete. It  contains six rooms to house up to thirteen female college students. It provides living spaces, kitchens, and therapy/consultation areas for our students.


We offer two-year degree program occupancy, which is an estimated cost of $21,600* per student.

We need to raise $186,000 to complete construction and to get our students housed for their first year.


Each student will have a cost of $10,800 per year, which includes their housing, workshops, life coaching and related costs. Our program has a unique approach to ending the mindset of poverty and creating future leaders.

Join our journey to healing their lives and paving their path to a successful future.

Your donation has a life changing impact that truly creates the path the success! Instead of each girl having two babies and living off the government system to repeat the cycle of which they were born, these girls will obtain the life and social skills to become community members who give back and make the world a better place to live. Each young lady will have the opportunity to obtain a degree in their selected field, have the life coaching to live their purpose with passion and the mental healing to escape their cycle of poverty. Our past experience with our teen mentoring program prior to the dormitory program has seen such success and created career focused woman, business owners, and even home owners. This program will expand the opportunities and help create even more successful outcome at accelerated rate.   More information about our residential program

Just image every 2 years we will have 13 young ladies entering the new world of success, verse up to 24 children being  born into the system of poverty.   

Each student deserves a safe and supportive environment to call home. Your donation ensures our Teens have the home they need amidst their studies.

Help our Young Ladies 

go to college.


Founding Sponsors

Donations of $25,000. or more. Our room sponsors are honored with plaques above the rooms they helped found this life changing program. Sponsor will also be able to name the room.

Reach out now to express your interest in providing a safe space for our students.


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Sponsor Students

Each student has an annual cost of $10,800 and will be a resident for 2 years. Your sponsorship ensures a safe and supportive space for our keiki to pursue their degrees. Honored with a plaque. Reach out to express your interest in sponsoring a student.

You are their path to success


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Malama Partners

Do you have a product or service you would like to offer our students?

2 Year Commitment Required


Such as health, hygiene, meals, workshops, programs, household needs


Fill out the form below with your supportive care.

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Construction will be completed by

Aug. 1, 2022.

Join our team and volunteer your time or donation to complete our project.

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