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OUR MISSION ~ This is our passion

The mission of Project Hawai'i Inc. is to help our islands keiki (children in Hawaiian) break the cycle of poverty. Since 2003, our dedicated volunteers strive to enhance their lives by providing year round supportive services that help to build their self-esteem and learn the proper life and social skills to succeed. We are able to change the children's lives by providing a sense of stability through our holiday events, school support, educational training and monthly outreach. 
In addition, our award winning summer educational program has allowed our homeless children to be first generation to graduate high school and attend college.

Our nonprofit organization is fully staffed by volunteers and solely supported by public donations. 

We provide year round services to the unsheltered homeless children on the islands of

Maui, O'ahu and Hawai'i (big island)

Project Hawai’i, Inc. success, donate to homeless keiki

Since 2003, our agency has helped over 1,600 homeless children escape their cycle of poverty. When we first established on Big Island, we worked with a small encampment on the waters edge with 76 homeless children who were living with their family members who were sometimes 4th generation of being born without a home. During our first 3 years on the island we were able to establish educational programs, job placement partnerships and a weekly program to help these families move into homes. By 2006 100% of all the families had moved into stable living conditions, as well as numerous successes towards their own future goals. Til today every single family member, including the next generation of children are no longer living on the beaches. Once children themselves are now in universities, stable career paths, having their own children in a housed situation. 
Currently 40% of our Big Island team leaders are women who have successfully completed our program. They are now helping other homeless children succeed through the process. 

While our programs are successful at helping homeless children move forward and succeed, there are so many more children out there in need of our services. Being a nonprofit supported by public donations, we are only as strong as our donors. We urgently ask for your investment in our children's future.  So, when you become a donor you assist with the rebuilding of lives, expand our enrollment, develop our teen residency  facility  and help us create year round centers.

Many of our programs could expand to even more services.

Here are some of our goals that are possible with more support: 
1. Duplicate our summer programs to Maui island children
2. Create a Spring Break programs to help children more often when school is out
3. Have Winter Break programs to alleviate the long break from stimulation and lack of nutritious meals
4. Bring back some of our programs that are vital to the families stability
5. Our biggest goal yet! Open teens centers across the islands
6. Our dream goal is to have a summer camp facility of our own that could operate year round for other services.
The completion of our Transitional Housing Project on Big Island and the College Dormitory is still in need of the final funding for completion in winter of 2021
Yes, all our programs are successful for the children, they are the solution to their success...
We have the answers!! We just need your support to implement them! Be a partner today in the solution to ending homelessness!!

                         YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE!

Your Investment Can Provide Even More
Successful Outcomes

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About Our Keiki (children in Hawaiian)

Our keiki live in poverty stricken situations and substandard housing spread across the islands. Some live along the waters’ edge in tents or high in the mountains in abandon cars or substandard makeshift shelters. Most live without running water or electricity and often go to bed without having a single meal. Many live without the simple basics of a blanket for warmth or a pillow for comfort. 

The state has over 23,000 homeless children living in substandard situation. This has caused our state to be NUMBER one in the nation for 5 years running for having the most unsheltered children per capita

Project Hawai'i reaches out to the hidden and isolated children to assure they are not left out of services. We strive to serve those who cannot obtain access to other resources available.

  • One Major Accomplishments include assisting an entire encampment of homeless families which involved 75 children to permanently escape their cycle of homelessness between the years of 2006-2008.

  • Forming an award winning teen mentoring program that has sent countless teens to college as their first in their generation since 2006.

  • Building a Transitonal Housing Project to allow families the ability to become home owners

  • Creating a Dormitory for homeless teens to attend college and move to a 4 year univeristy

Amazing Charity Award Presented by 5 Hour Energy

"Why only pay celebrities or athletes? Why not give to the real heroes?"


                                                                             -Manoj Bhargava, Founder 5-hr Energy


What's Happening Now...

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"Take Action Against Hunger"


You can help to assure every child in our program is able to go to bed on a full tummy.

Share a Meal... Stop the Hunger Pains!!

Help us feed our keiki on all islands.

Over the summer  months we provided over 13,000 healthy meals to children in poverty.

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Project Hawai'i was selected for the fellowship 2021

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Transitional Housing


Big Island

Project Hawai’i, Inc. is finally creating the longtime dream of creating transitional housing projects for our homeless families, kupuna and teens who wish to go to college...

We have acquired older homes in the Kea'au area and going to rehab them to facilitate our families. One of the unique opportunities this offers is the homes are built/designed for larger families which is incredibly hard to find. We also have an old plantation home we are going to be turning to a dorm.

Our project is underway and we will be accepting construction volunteers starting .

Sept. 15th.- October  15th 

Donors and sponsors are welcome to join our journey as we prepare for this amazing life changing build...

  • SKILLED VOLUNTEERS WELCOME in all phases of construction/rehab 

  • IN KIND DONATIONS of material, appliances and bathroom supplies, etc.

  • COMPANY SPONSORSHIP still available to be part of this success

  • CONSTRUCTION/MASONRY/ ELECTRICIAN /PLUMBING all welcome to join our program as well

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Target Circle Charity

3rd Quarter Recipient 

Project Hawai’i, Inc. has been selected as Target Circle Charity. That means if you shop Target using your APP, you can use your votes to help our homeless keiki.

Easy Steps:
1. Open your Target App

2. Click your ICON

3. Scroll to Target Circle, Click

4. Click on Vote for Charity

5. Choose Project Hawai'i, Inc., and click until you are out of votes.

NOTE: Not from Hawaii? You can still vote. Simply change your store location in your settings and find a Hawaii location. Zip codes include 96720, 96707

Ohana Fuels 

3rd Quarter Charity Recipients 

When you fuel up at ANY Ohana Fuels/Minit Stop locations on Maui and Big Island from July 1st - Sept.  30th they make a donation to Project Hawai’i, Inc. 

Fill Up for Charity funds will help with our educational programs across both islands.

post your photo of why you support Project Hawai’i, Inc. and

TAG BOTH @ohanafuels and @projecthawaiiinc

and be entered into a free drawing for a Pizza Party. Each island has a monthly winner.