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Services ~ Leading to Success


An overview of how our services provide the stepping stones for the child and parent to succeed

Project Hawai’i, Inc. collaborates within the community to provide job training, career path options, internships and job readiness to our parents who are ready for this life change.  This program results in reduced or eliminated need of financial support from government and tax funded programs. On average our program places 6-8 single parents in the workforce on a monthly basis.

We provide internships in partnership with Universities to allow students to have hands on practical experiences to help end the cycle of poverty. Our interns help to create new programs, build community relationships and create opportunities. This partnership results in building a strong community that is ready to have an impact on changing the homeless crisis in Hawai'i.

Project Hawai’i, Inc. provides supportive services for those who wish to participate in school-based sports or activities the keep their minds and bodies healthy, help them stay out of trouble and support them in gaining the skills and self-esteem necessary to change their future. We provide all their supportive needs, purchase items, gear and pay tuitions. This program often results in college scholarships for many of our great athletes, which is their step out of homelessness on a path to success.


For single parents enrolled in the First to Work program, we provide the on the job training to meet their goals to financial freedom. Many of our single parents are enrolled in this program which also allows them the extra benefits of working alongside their children as they grow and develop in our programs. Statistically we see 80% of our parents enrolled in this program finding full-time employment within 3 months. This program transforms their lives from being unassured and unskilled, to confident and the will to create a better future. The results are ending their dependency on the social welfare system and raising their children with the strong set of hard working values. This program has also led to the success of many of our moms going to college and earning degrees with career opportunities such as nursing, teachers, etc. While this is a small percentage we are proud of the fact that we have these results.

We offer emergency services and basic life necessities  to the unsheltered homeless in crisis. We are on call and ready to assist at a moments notice. Families are able to call with their needs. This results in the long life trust we build to help the families escape their cycle of poverty. Outreach is the first connection, building trust is the step needed to enroll families and children in our programs. Our programs are the stepping stones they need to succeed.

And our most recent success is the Dormitory we are opening on Big Island in Fall of 2022. Project Hawai’i, Inc. will be hosting 13 girls for the 2 year college programs in this amazing dorm/housing situation. The young adults will be learning life and social skills as well as how to transition into their own home after graduation with success. This endeavor is our largest yet! The lives impacted through this transitional program will be a once in a lifetime opportunity  for the college students.

Tropical Resort

Our Services

College Dormitory 

2 Year College program for girls

Project Hawai’i, Inc.

has a transitional housing program for homeless teens who wish to attend college. Project Hawai’i, Inc. provides a  comprehensive live-in program which includes  room and board along with transportation, meals, weekly guidance workshops and life skill training. 

dormitory for homeless teens Project Hawai’i, Inc.
Internship Programs

College Internship Available year round

Project Hawai’i, Inc.  partners with local universities to provide an internship opportunity that allows the student to grow and learn while helping to advance our programs.

Offering 2 positions per semester.

intership for Project Hawai’i, Inc. homeless keiki
Athletic Support

Providing each child with all their required needs to play sports.

This service is the difference from a child playing sports or not.

The homeless children come to us for their needed support and stability.

You make the difference with your donations.

sponsor homeless keiki for sports
Covid Kokua

Delivering to the most isolated keiki

One of the unquestionably unique aspects of Project Hawai’i, Inc. is that we can create new programs within hours to accommodate the homeless children's needs. 

Our homeless children felt the impact beyond a child with family support. We created educational programs along with the hygiene to keep them clean and healthy

covid kokua for homeless children Project Hawai’i, Inc.
Job Training /Readiness & Placement

Providing real work experience and training for teens and adults

Project Hawai’i, Inc.

parters with corporate companies as well as small businesses to provide job and career opportunities.

Our core partners are 

  • Target

  • Old Navy

  • Blanes Drive In

  • Taco Del Mar

At the Office
Emergency Outreach

Providing each child with their individual needs

Project Hawai’i, Inc. volunteers are 0n call for any emergency when a family calls or has a specific need to help them with their basic life necessities .

Your donations make it possible for us to  fill their request same day or within 24 hours.

homeless children in hawaii
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