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OUR Cause

We are honored that each one of these amazing entrepreneurs and small business owners have chose to gift a percentage of sales to Project Hawai’i, Inc.  Partnering to end the cycle of homelessness!

Shop Local, Shop Small = Change the World!!

NA KOA tattoo wallets men and women.JPG
NaKoa Leather
Genuine Tattoo artisans and handcrafted leather 
vintage moon at sea.jpg

Custom Made Art Work made in Hawai'i

Nicole Namdar_edited.jpg

Kindness Advocate and Entrepreneur who gives back through her art.

Giving Bracelets .JPEG

Custom Make your own gift that gives back

  • Did you know that companies who give to charity are chosen over others.

  • Did you know when hosting a party, your customers will invite a friend, share more, and buy more because they are helping charity.

  • Did you know more people get involved when charity is involved?

  • win win for everyone!!

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