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COVID Kokua services are being conducted on the Big Island, O'ahu and Mau'i to assure our keiki are staying clean and healthy and educationally stimulated.

Our goal are to provide weekly visits to the wide areas of where our children lives across the islands. By donating, you can become a part of this success.


Our Program

Our weekly outreach provides our families with the following necessities during this tragic pandemic:

  • Family Food Boxes (Big Island) ,

  • Meal Cards (All Islands),

  • Family Hygiene Bags including PPE/Covid Supplies,

  • Educational Worksheets per grade level from preschool to highschool

  • Basic school supply packets, and

  • Mind building activities, such as arts and crafts, games, mini science projects, and more.

Everyone deserves these necessities.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide weekly visits to the wide areas where our children lives across our islands. During these visits, we can distribute these vital necessities.


This includes reaching the 127 families we have on the Big Island, 49 families on O'ahu, and 32 families on Mau'i. For Fall 2021, we are hoping to to sponsor our 680  homeless children monthly, totaling  $167,280.

Our Reasons

Because our families are in more isolated areas, they don't have access to many of the services being offered throughout the community. Many do not have transportation. Our families live off grid with no water, electricity, internet, and sometimes cell service. They cannot access resources to homeschool. In fact, most of our Mau'i residents live in cars and have to move nightly to avoid being sited or towed.

Mahalo to Our Donors

The Benson 'Ohana 

Keri Philpott -Shepherd
HomeBridge Financial

J.P Morgan Trust

Island Hospice

Shane Victorino Foundation
Tsutsui & Vehara CPAS LLC, Honolulu 

Papa Ola Lokahi

Target Stores
Amalgamated Charitable Foundation $1,000

Ilima at Leihano

Hawai'i Community Foundation,
Providing Big Island Meal Support

The Prabhu 'Ohana

Brunson Charitable Fund

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