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Our Amazing Team


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Cliff Kama, Sr. & Magin Patrick

are the co-founders of Project Hawai’i, Inc. 

This dynamic duo has dedicated their lives to creating the necessary programs to help the homeless keiki succeed.


Most of our Leaders have their Linked IN profiles linked to their name or photo. Some are still updating

3 of our Team Leaders are former Single Homeless Moms or Teens from our program.

big island homeless keiki director

Natasha Patrick

Big Island  ~      Puna Outreach

Homeless Keiki on Maui Director Project Hawai’i, Inc.


Project Hawai’i, Inc. homeless keiki director Maui Island

Board Member:

Helping Homeless Keiki on Maui Island

Steph Strong


Puna District

Project Hawai’i, Inc. director homeless keiki puna district

Lyla Rozett

Windward O'ahu

Oahu Homeless keiki Windward side

Lori Kong

East Big Island
Board Member: Fundraising Chair


Jen Davis

Employment Specialist

Homeless keiki kona big island director

Team Leaders 

Team Leaders are dedicated members of the community who took the responsibility for coordinating  an outreach program for their families and children across the islands. Conducting outreach  and deliveries in their specific areas allows them to form the life-long bonds with each child. Each Team Leader works hands-on with the Founders, and some serve on the board of directors. These ladies are truly the lifeline to each child or family in their group.

Board Member
Big Island
Since 2006

Big Island Christmas for homeless keiki

Leiola Aunug

Helping Homeless Keiki succeed Project Hawai’i, Inc.

Board Member
Big Island
Since 2017

Board Member
Christmas Meals
Big Island
Since 2015

Christmas dinner for homeless keiki big island

Literacy Program Director 
Big Island & Maui
Since 2020

Helping Homeless Keiki Succeed

Summer Arts &
Secret Santa
Big Island
Since 2013

big island homeless keiki
Help Homeless Keiki Project Hawai’i, Inc.

Mommy & Me Director 
Since 2019

Vice President
Art Therapist/Director
Big Island
Since 2003

helping homeless keiki succeed

Second President Outreach Director
Since 2008

Marjorie Mae

Help Homeless Keiki Oahu Project Hawai’i, Inc.

Committee Chair Directors

Our Committee Chair Directors are comprised of community leaders and professionals with expertise in their fields. Taking on the personal responsibility for their volunteer positions to assure their programs are a success for our homeless children. Many of our committee directors serve as board members and have been the co-creators of their programs. Working closely with the founders, each program is developed for the success of the children.
Committee Chairs

Board of Directors

Board Advisor

Dr. Keith Whittaker

Homeless Keiki Project Hawai’i, Inc.


Gina Green

Project Hawai’i, Inc. helping homeless keiki on hawaii islands
Our Board of Directors are community leaders who wish to make a difference in world around them. Helping to keep our programs running smooth behind the scenes.
Help Homeless Keiki Oahu Project Hawai’i, Inc.

Marjorie Mae

O'ahu President


2nd Vice President

helping feed homeless keiki
helping homeless keiki succeed

B.I. President


helping homeless keiki donate today

LeeAnn Menconi


Assistant to the Director

Ann Strong

homeless keiki in hawaii living in paradies
Full Printable List
Board of Dirctors
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