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Cliff Kama, Sr. Sr.

I am humbled by taking the responsibility of becoming the co-founder of Project Hawai’i, Inc. 

This great responsibility has become my life passion. Creating the award winning educational programs is the foundation of the programs that leads to the success of each child. 

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My Story

Cliff's passion of supporting the island's homeless keiki began when he joined Magin Patrick for an outreach event deep into the overgrown bushes and trees. "After walking a bit down the small footpath, children started running up to Magin and were just holding on to her. They asked her if she had bandaids to care for their scrapes and bruises, or slippahs to help keep the keawe thorns out of the bottom of their feet. I knew at that point something had to change."

Cliff is a retired educator and sports coach for at risk youth.  "I have seen first hand what happens to children and teens that are not prepared for school, are unable to participate in sports,  or suffer from a lack of proper social and life skills."

Helping to develop the programs for the Hawaiian at risk youth with a federal grant was one of my most important accomplishments to making a difference in the future of our youth. I was also the youth baseball coach that was able to lead my team to state championships several years. Coaching from pitch coach age to middle school, I have seen my team players go on to the national leagues.


"As the co-founder of Project Hawai’i, Inc. I take on the challenge of changing the lives of our precious homeless children for the better."

Cliff has been championing the summer camp programs since their inception to be both educational and to foster the development of our keiki's socail and basic life skills. He is putting these children on a path to succeed and escape their cycle of poverty.

Being able to use his natural born talents of music, art and creativity to create many projects the help with the development of the children minds. Helping Magin to put her ideas into an organized fashion is a task in it’s self and that is what makes us a good team working together for the same goal. ...To end the cycle of poverty.

Drive for Success Award

Jr. Leader Program

Community Development Award 

Summer Educational Program

National Youth Mentoring Award 2016

Higher Education Award

Sending at risk youth to college

Awards of Cliffs' Accomplishments 


(808) 345-6644

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