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The monthly outreach staff visits the remote areas where  these children live. We seek out homeless children living in extreme poverty situations in the Big Island, O'ahu and Maui.  

These children need basic living supplies like sleeping bags and pillows, tarps to keep the rain out, tents to sleep in, cooking supplies, food, and various other emergency needs. 

Monthly Outreach

Our Program

With the ongoing clean sweeps across the state, our children are continually being misplaced. Our dedicated teams are out there, finding these families and keiki. Each month, they distribute to them essential items.

Due to the sensitive nature of delivering outreach to the homeless keikis, please do not request to assist when presenting  donations. We have worked very hard developing the trust of the homeless families and we cannot abuse this trust by bringing unfamiliar people to encampments. Further, we do not accept any used or random items for donation.

Our Goals

No one should go without basic hygiene or food. Every child deserves a chance to thrive without worrying about these things. We know that, for these children, having someone show that they care is critical. We want to help them directly with their everyday life, teaching these children the art of caring and empathy, as well as important emotional skills as they acknowledge and appreciate the help they receive.

Our Reasons

These supplies are the basics to keep these keiki healthy and increase their confidence and self- esteem. It allows them to focus on other important things in their life. All our programs work together to assure the children have the opportunity to learn the life and social skills they need to succeed. Gaining their trust and showing them their worth is all wrapped up in these monthly care packages we provide.

One Flashlight

One Meal Card

Hygiene Bag


Sleeping Bag, Pillow

Stove & Propane

Pan, Pot, & Utensils


For those who sign up monthly, please note: We provide updates and tax letters twice a year for your records.

Monthly Costs

a child's one-time meal

one keiki hygiene bag

Activity Packet

monthly food box

feeding a family

educational support packet

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