Our goal is to have 100 homeless keiki sponsored on a monthly basis for their needs.


Please consider sponsoring a child each month for a $7 nutritious meal a $15 hygiene bag. 


Your donation helps us meet their needs.We hold their hearts in our hands


The monthly outreach program visits the places these children live. Project Hawai'i seeks out homeless children living in extreme poverty situations around the island. These children need basic living supplies like sleeping bags and pillows, tarps to keep the rain out, tents to sleep in, cooking supplies, food, and various other emergency needs. These supplies are the basics to keep them healthy and increase their confidence and self esteem by having these basics that they need to survive so they can focus on other important things in their life. 

On a monthly basis we typically meet 3-5 new families where they live. During the holidays this number can rise to more than 20 that we search out to help. Having someone show they care and help them directly with their everyday life teaches these children the art of caring and empathy, as well as important emotional skills as they acknowledge and appreciate the help they receive.

    WARM MEAL /   


Donations to Project Hawai'i provide hot nutritious meals for homeless keikis and their families. A warm meal for the family raises self-esteem and helps keep the family healthy.


We now provide meal cards that are far more useful to the families than the previous food boxes and far more helpful to the program's overall success. A family of 4 can be sponsored for $35.00 and a larger family for $65.00. 


Hygiene kits are provided as well which go a long way towards keeping the children safe and healthy. Your donation truly makes a difference! 



Project Hawai'i develops relationships with the homeless families enrolled in our programs and we work with them to identify their most immediate needs  and support them in the best way we possibly can.



Meal Card per Individual - $7 

Hygiene Bag - $15

Sleeping Bag & Pillow - $35

Tent (Family Size Determines) - $60 - $120

Tarp - $30

Stove & Propane - $30

Cooking Pan, Pot, & Utensil - $40

Flashlight - $5



Due to the sensitive nature of delivering outreach to the homeless keikis, please do not request to assist when presenting  donations. Project Hawai'i Inc. has worked very hard developing the trust of the homeless families and we simply cannot abuse this trust by bringing unfamiliar people to encampments. Mahalo for your understanding and we do truly appreciate your support.

Due to lack of adequate storage, we are unable to accept any used or random items.


Monthly Outreach Individual Keiki Sponsorship Questionnaire

If you have any questions regarding sponsoring our homeless keiki for the Monthly Outreach program, please use this questionnaire to contact us. 

Most teens are homeless by choice. They would rather live on the streets than endure the abuse they received from their "home". This abuse can take the form of any and all of the following:


  • Physical Abuse

  • Mental Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse


All our teens would rather be in school, employed, and on their way to a better life than life on the streets. Project Hawaii's vision is a reduced population of homeless children who can succeed and change their world.

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