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Educational Summer Camps Since 2006

Our Mission

We strive to empower homeless children to succeed by offering interactive award-winning summer programs in a supportive and healthy environment. Our goal is to equip these children with essential social and life skills to excel in school, boost their self-esteem, and expand their horizons to the opportunities around them. Upon graduation of our program each child is sent back to school fully prepared.

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Join us on our mission to transform the lives of homeless children. Our summer camp is essential to their overall success, providing a safe space where they learn crucial social and life skills needed for academic achievement. Beyond our annual outreach, this camp offers hands-on opportunities for children to practice and refine their skills before returning to school, leading to a successful school year and ultimately graduation.

We proudly boast a 90% success rate, with our teens graduating high school and pursuing higher education or vocational training.


Overview of our 3-9 Youth Educational Camp

Project Hawai'i Educational Summer Camp provides homeless and poverty-stricken children with exciting and interactive encounters that broaden their horizons.

These activities, which would otherwise be beyond their financial reach, offer campers hands-on experiences that enhance their appreciation for and understanding of their environment, community, and Hawaiian culture.

Our well-rounded educational program instills hope and a positive outlook on self-worth in these children. Designed to allow children to escape their everyday troubles, our camp offers a safe and serene environment where they can learn essential life skills to stay clean and healthy.

Through various arts, music, cultural learning, and other activities, we keep their minds active and growing. Additionally, our Adventures Abound Day Camp field trips are tailored to teach proper life and social skills necessary for success in school. Our program is offered 3 weeks which includes a sleepover experience.

As a result, these keiki gain unparalleled self-esteem and are better prepared to face their world upon returning back to their substandard lifestyle.

Our camp is offered free of charge to children between the ages of 3-8, with tailored support for different age groups: 3-5 and 6-8 year-olds.

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp truly provides these precious children with hope for a better tomorrow, pride in being prepared for school, and the social skills to form new friendships. 

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Project Hawai’i, Inc. Jr. Leader Program is designed for children aged 10-12, transitioning them from younger campers to individuals with more responsibility.

This program offers workshops that teach self-leadership while helping younger children develop their skills. Our junior leaders are often those who have been with us since early childhood, learning the value of education and the importance of following instructions.

This age group represents a crucial and challenging period in a child's life. Many of our children do not grow up in typical environments, often lacking proper social skills and the ability to accept more responsibility.

This is also the age when homeless children are most at risk of dropping out of school. The average age of a homeless child dropping out of school is 10 years old.

With adequate financial support, this program can expand from a pilot to a full-enrollment program. We have the capacity to enroll 24 junior leaders per session and extend the duration of their participation.

The cost to sponsor a junior leader  for 3 weeks is $2,800.

We are seeking companies willing to commit to sponsoring this program for the next three years. We invite you to join us in supporting the homeless and impoverished children we serve.

Our junior leadership program helps these youth acquire essential life, social, leadership, and guidance skills necessary for their success.

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Award Winning Teen Mentoring Program

Aloha, and welcome to our Teen Mentoring Program!

This award-winning program offers a comprehensive 4 week residency experience through community service, mentoring and leadership programs, cultural learning, and exciting Hawaiian adventures.

Join us in making a difference for homeless and poverty-stricken teens.

Our Teen Mentoring Program equips youth with essential life, social, leadership, and guidance skills to help them succeed and become leaders of their own lives.

What sets our program apart is its personalized approach.

We tailor the program to each individual, working one-on-one to create specific goals for success.

Designed for high school students who have graduated from our younger camper programs, this initiative gives teens more responsibility and offers workshops that teach self-leadership while helping Junior Leaders develop their skills. Many of our teen mentors have been with us since they were younger and have learned the importance of education and following instructions. This is an earned privilege.

Without programs like ours, most homeless teens drop out of school, become entangled in the justice system, and live in unsafe and dysfunctional environments. With your sponsorship and support, we can help these teens graduate and move on to higher education or sustainable employment. We proudly maintain a 90% success rate for teens who graduate from our program.

The cost to sponsor a Teen Mentor for the 4 week session is $3,200.00

We are seeking companies willing to commit to sponsoring this program for another three years.

Your support can make a profound impact on these young lives.

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Keeping Our Keiki Clean and Healthy

At Project Hawai'i Summer Camp, we are dedicated to the healthy growth of our homeless children's bodies and minds. We adhere to a strict healthy meal plan, providing three nutritious meals and two healthy snacks daily.

We believe that today's children will shape our future, and we aim to instill healthy habits that will help them grow and escape poverty.

Statistics show that all children experience some regression over the long summer break, but those living in poverty, lacking proper nutrition and mental stimulation, can regress an entire school year.

The nutrition program at Project Hawai'i Summer Camp is crucial to their overall growth and success.

Our primary meal volunteer staff is certified in food safety, meal preparation, and child nutrition to ensure all meals are healthy.

We strive to provide fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, whole grain sprouted breads, and more. We teach the children to avoid foods that could harm their growth, limit their rice intake, and encourage them to choose healthier alternatives as they grow older.

Our meals are 90% organic and non-GMO.

We extend these healthy habits to our hygiene and cleaning practices, using natural organic bathing supplies, healing oils, and natural cleaning products whenever possible.

Just $18.50 a day provides one of our precious children with their daily nutritional meals and snacks

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Support Our Keiki ~ Get Involved

Get Involved with Our Summer Camp!

Interested in supporting our summer camp?

There are many ways you can get involved:

  1. In-Kind Donations: Donate goods or services that can benefit our campers. From school supplies to recreational equipment, every contribution makes a difference. We have lists available

  2. Donations: Your financial support helps us maintain our programs and provide essential resources for our campers. No donation is too small to make a positive impact.

  3. Volunteer: Join our team of dedicated volunteers and make a direct impact on the lives of homeless children. Whether you can offer your time for a day or commit to a longer-term role, your help is invaluable.

  4. Host Workshops: Share your skills and expertise by hosting workshops for our campers. From art and music to life skills and career development, there are endless opportunities to inspire and empower. Availability for both the younger campers and the teen mentors.

  5. Field Trip Hosts: Are you a company or organization interested in hosting our group for field trips or meals? Your support provides valuable learning experiences and enriches the lives of our campers.

  6. Back to School Support at their Graduation: We send our campers back to school fully prepared to learn and thrive. New backpacks, new outfits, new shoes and all the supplies they need to succeed.

Click below to find out more about how you can make a difference and get involved with our summer camp!

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