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Change Lives with Us


Experience the life-changing journey our summer camp offers to these incredible keiki. As a sponsor, you play a pivotal role in transforming lives beyond imagination.

Project Hawai'i, Inc. serves as a vital resource for children in need, and our summer camp provides essential guidance and encouragement to develop successful life skills. By creating a nurturing environment and fostering a sense of belonging within a larger community, we empower these children to grow with increased self-worth. Our camp t-shirts symbolize this sense of belonging to something greater.

With a structured and secure environment nestled in the beauty of the islands, our summer camp offers stability and peace, allowing children to momentarily forget their worries. Through engaging activities, enriching field trips, and empowering workshops, we expose our keiki to new experiences and the wonders of the islands, fostering greater self-determination. Our programs are meticulously designed to cultivate confidence and bolster self-esteem.

As a sponsor, every decision you make propels these children toward a path of success.

Join us in making a difference today.

Company's will Experience the joy of transforming lives while receiving social, newsletter, and website exposure advertisements along with tax deductions . Aloha!

Share Your Talents Guests:

Working with the campers between 3-9 years of age

The Project Hawai'i Summer Camp schedule accommodates outside guests to join us during designated times:

 between 10:00-11:45 a.m. or 1:00-2:30 p.m.

to engage our group with projects or showcase their talents. We collaborate with our guests to tailor the day's activities around their schedule.

Here are some examples of past guests:

Yoga sessions, Science exploration days, Sports activities, Arts and crafts workshops,Theater performances,

Eco-system education, Dance classes, Healthy eating workshops, Life skills sessions, Interactive games,

share what you are passionate about...

Guests have the option to utilize our spacious indoor multi-purpose room with or without tables/chairs, the outdoor pavilion with picnic-style seating, or the expansive lawn area for their programs.

We require guests to provide at least 45 minutes of programming and to arrive early for setup.

In addition to their contribution, guests are kindly asked to provide a healthy snack and individual drink (such as a juice box or milk) to serve all campers. (numbers will be provided)

Join us and share your talents while making a positive impact on our campers' experience!


The Teen Leadership Workshop at Project Hawai'i Summer Camp offers a platform for volunteers to share their expertise and passion in areas such as leadership, self-development, empowerment, and more. Volunteers are welcome to join us during scheduled times, mostly evenings, or weekends to inspire and guide our teenage campers.

Sample Workshop Topics:

  • Leadership skills development

  • Self-discovery and personal growth

  • Goal setting and achievement

  • Building confidence and resilience

  • Effective communication techniques

  • Time management and organization

  • Career exploration and planning

  • Mental health awareness and coping strategies

  • Cooking and preparing healthy meals

  • Creative expression through arts and storytelling

Volunteers have the flexibility to tailor their workshop content to suit the needs and interests of our teenage mentors. Whether it's leading interactive discussions, facilitating team-building activities, or providing mentorship, volunteers play a crucial role in empowering our youth.

Workshops can take place in our indoor lounge room, fully stocked kitchen or outdoor pavilion depending on the preference and requirements of the volunteer.

We ask volunteers to provide  90 minutes of engaging programming. Volunteers will also be required to provide all supplies needed for each teen.

As a gesture of appreciation, volunteers are encouraged to bring a healthy snack and individual drink to share with our teens.

Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of teens and fostering their leadership potential and personal development journey!

Feed Our Keiki ~ Nutritional Support

Did you know that just $18.50 can provide  healthy meals for a homeless child for an entire day?

This summer, we need your help to ensure no child goes hungry. 🍎🥪

Proper nutrition is crucial for:  Physical growth and development

Cognitive function and learning

Strong immunity and health

By donating, you’re not just giving a meal—you’re giving hope, stability, and a brighter future.

Every dollar counts!

👉 Donate Now and help us feed hungry kids. Together, we can make a difference. 

#FeedTheFuture #SupportOurKids #SummerMeals

Back to School for Homeless Keiki: You Make the Difference

Help Them Succeed and Escape the Cycle of Poverty

Share to Help Our Keiki Succeed

Imagine your child or grandchild the night before school, excited to meet new friends, show off a fun backpack, new shoes, and all the cool supplies they have. They are full of anticipation for a great school year.

For a child living in extreme poverty, the experience is very different. Their hearts and minds are filled with fear, embarrassment, and shame. They worry about being reminded by their teacher to bring a pencil, being unable to participate in sports because they don't have shoes, or being teased on the playground for not having clean clothes or a school uniform.

YOU CAN SPONSOR A CHILD and ensure they walk the same path as your child. You can be their joy on the first day of school. Your sponsorship changes their life's path and gives them the courage to continue their education!

Help send our children to school prepared! Our GOAL: $107,800.00
To send 980 homeless children and 186 teens  across the islands of O'ahu, Maui and Big Island back to school prepared to SUCCEED! 

School Support Sponsorship Donations:

  • Backpack: $35

  • Basic School Packet: $15

  • Hygiene Bag: $12

  • New Outfit: $25 - $50 for Teens

  • New Shoes: $20 - $40 for Teens

  • School Uniform T-Shirt: $7

  • School P.E. Uniform: $15

  • Sponsor their Graduation Meal: $7

Your contribution can make a profound difference in a child's life. Let's give these children the hope and tools they need to succeed!

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