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Talk about Taxes

Updated: May 9, 2022

Well, this may seem like a strange post for this #blog, but I have repeatedly seen so many people talking about how much money they OWE for #taxes. I just want to make those aware there are choices available when it comes to paying taxes. Some are not aware that making a tax #deductible #donation to a charity (hopefully Project Hawai'i, Inc.), you as a citizen can then choose how your #money is being used. Your choice is to PAY the Government and hope they use the funds as you would like, or YOU can choose a #charity that fits within your goals of how your hard earned money is spent. For example, making a donation to help end the cycle of poverty for a child will eliminate so much mismanaged future waste from the government.

Did you know you can choose how your hard earned money is spent... just like the millionaires

If you owe the government $3,000. you pay with a sad heart and know that you have no choice. Or you can make a donation of $3,000. to Project Hawai'i, Inc (which will reduce your bill immensely) Source ZACHS. and that will help a child #succeed. Many do not realize that they can write off up to 50% of their #income. Your donation is Keeping our #keiki clean and healthy all year long. Allowing them to participate in sports, go to school prepared, have healthy hot meals, new clothing to wear to school, have confidence in who they are... the list goes on what your money can #accomplish. Or you can just write the check to the IRS and hope for the best.

To compare apples to apples here, we will talk about snacks

Our agency spends about $2,000 a year on snacks for our homeless children's outreach sessions. This is about $2. per child per year. While the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES spend $120,000. a year on snacks. Source "The Fiscal Times" So you do have a choice of who deserves to eat and who might have to bring their own snacks to their meetings.

If you would like to know more about how to NOT PAY the IRS and instead make the world a better place for so many, please connect with us or ask your accountant how making a #donation can change your outcome.

For more information about how you can make a donation that counts, please visit our fundraising page.

Want your #donation to go further? Again another little known fact, companies will #MATCH your donation! Yes, you can double your impact. In fact ONE BILLION DOLLARS go UN-DONATED because the employees are not aware their company has a match program. All sorts of companies are involved, and typically is a simple form to fill out. #donatetoday

Learn how you can change the world around you one donation at a time!

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