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Aloha, Welcome to Project Hawai'i, Inc. Our mission is to enhance the lives of homeless keiki while helping them to escape the cycle of poverty. You can make the difference through donations, sponsorships, volunteering and supporting our efforts to continue our programs.

Project Hawai'i, Inc., is a nonprofit organization run 100% by volunteers 

and solely supported by public donations. 

Meet our Founders

Magin Patrick 


Cliff Kama 

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And visit our FAQ pages for even more concerns.

If you are writing a report for school, or other need, please visit our "report questions page" before emailing us for your answers. While we are happy to answer questions, we feel that all our future leaders need to do their own research first. 

As well, we have an Island Statistics Page to assist you with your project. 

You can add your review or see others. Mahalo for making us a successful nonprofit!


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Please take a few minutes to look over our site to see how you can be involved and make a difference in the lives of our precious children.

Please Contact Us:  Project Hawai'i, Inc.
Mailing Info: 
Big Island: P.O. Box 1844 * Kea'au * HI 96749 
 O'ahu: P.O. Box 140 * Wai'anae * HI 96792
Phone: (808) 987-6018  *  Email: info@ProjectHawaii.net
Our nonprofit No. 32-0308897 501 c 3

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"One can't change where they came from,
but one can change where they are going"

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.”
quote by Norman B. Rice

You Can Make a Difference in the lives of 

Homeless and Poverty Stricken Keiki Today!

If not TODAY, then When?     

We are Solely Supported By Public Donation 

Your Donation is 100%  Tax Deductible 

Donateoday-Sponsor a Child today

We Hold Their Hearts in Our Hands!

"Every child deserves to have a caring adult in their lives. And that cannot always be a biological parent or family member. It may be a friend or neighbor, but often times it is ONLY US, and we count on YOU"

See our Donors and Sponsorship Pages for more details

Sponsor a Keiki Today!! Enhancing the lives of homeless keiki, donate today. Help Homeless Keiki, Sponsor a Keiki, Donate to Homeless Keiki

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Graduation/Back to School Support

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Summer Camp Fun

Project Hawaii Inc
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Mahalo for your donation.

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Donate to Homeless Keiki Today

Your extra stuff laying around the office or home can give homeless keiki hope for a brighter future. Click below to sell your items, or see who is selling items for our charity. SHOPPING CAN make a difference too.
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