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Upcoming Sport Stars

This family of 5 boys came to us 6 years ago when we were giving out school supplies and backpacks in our local park. While this is a pre-sign up program, the mom humbly came to us to ask what was going on. Explaining to her that we help homeless unsheltered children though our program, she shared her story with us. 

With her well-behaved boys and toddler by her side she explained she had moved here after her husband died looking for support from his family. She was alone and felt abandoned without any resources.

We quickly enrolled her, got the information needed for her boys to start school. She then enrolled in our program full time, attending all our events, educational programs and became very involved with us to reach her goals of finding a home. 

The next year her boys were enrolled in the Kamehameha schools (which is a  Hawaiian based school that is very hard to get into both educationally and emotionally). Soon the boys started playing sports, being involved in community events and their future had begun.

All her boys are in our educational programs, jr. leaders, teen mentorship and more. They excel in their studies and truly work for a better tomorrow.

Both boys are on the basketball team and the senior has spoken with college scouts to consider for his graduation in 2021.

While this is still success in the making, this story represents so many of our youth that are only a few years away from their new future.  All this is being accomplished while living in a vehicle and moving often from district to district to keep them safe. Mom is still on the housing voucher program and on so many wait list for housing. Like so many, this is the long unknown process and may actually never happen while the children are young. 

Our program is here to support their efforts and needs all the way through and our success is measured when they go to college on a sports scholarship. 

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