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Christmass Classroom

Maui Christmas Party


Mahalo for learning more about how you can help create a wonderful holiday experience for our homeless keiki on Maui. This will be our 3rd annual event for the children living in extreme poverty across the island. Our party is designed to bring the cheer of the holidays to these precious hearts. 

This years party will be conducted outside at a park (location will be provided to those who are approved volunteers)


  1. Provide all needed supportive supplies for their project

  2. Bring a folding table to conduct their project on

  3. Be on time to set up their station and break down afterwards

  4. Limited to 3 people or one family per project table. We can not accommodate groups of larger sizes.

  5. Dress as ELVES!! Be creative with fun holiday socks, red or green dresses/shorts, fun aprons, holiday hats, adornments, etc. The children are coming to Santa's Workshop expecting to see elves not humans. This is MANDATORY that everyone is an elf!!

  6. NO PHOTOGRAPHY of any kind is to be taken. We will provide you with photos of the event with appropriate photos for your use. For privacy NO photos to be taken on your cell phones.


Craft Coordinator:

Easy crafts like pony beads and pipe cleaners are perfect. Other options are precut wooden or foam shapes that allow them to color on. Due to the weather and wind, find easy no glue, or cutting involved. Please provide 48 pcs. 



Sugar Cookie Decorating

Prepare 48-60 sugar cookies in Christmas shapes for children to decorate. Provide simple icing and little finger approved toppings, such as chocolate chips, gummy bears, m&m, etc. The small sprinkles seem to make a mess more than a topping.
Provide each child with a paper plate to decorate on.

cookie deco.jpg


Gratitude Cards for Santa

Provide the opportunity for the children to thank Santa with small cards for them to decorate. We use these cards to thank the donors like you. You will need to provide box for the children to submit their cards to Santa once they finish. Provide post card size (1/4 of construction paper size), crayons, stickers, markers. Children can make more than one, please prepare 100


Christmas Tree Coordinator

Volunteer to provide a FAKE tree for the event, decorate with simple balls and garland. Nothing fancy, no lights. Provide a large table cloth or red cloth to allow the children to sit on and open gifts with the elves. Be able to set up and take down

Project Hawai’i, Inc. christmas for  homeless keiki.jpg
childs christmas.jpg



We are seeking a photographer to take the candid photos of the children as they open gifts, play with elves, make crafts, etc. Also of our volunteers set up, conducting their projects, etc. An overall story of the event to share with our donors. 

ALL photos will be transferred to our iphone or memory card turned over. All photos are property of Project Hawai’i, Inc.

We can work out any you would like to use for your own portfolio.


Snack Coordinator

Volunteer to host the snack table. Healthy snacks for children to grab as they play. Finger foods, apple slices, carrot sticks, crackers,  gold fish, etc. Juice boxes or water bottles. We have found small cups are easier for children to put their snacks and not spill/tip.  You can help them choose what they like as well. Please choose 3 items in 50 servings.

covid kokua.JPG


Lunch Coordinator Togo

Volunteer would bring 50 to go lunches for the children to take with them. PB&J sandwich, a snack and drink option.

Maui Party Registration

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