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We believe education is the key too the child's success and pre-school starts this foundation of growth.  We need your support to assure these children have what they need to succeed.

Please join us in sponsoring this pre-school with their holiday cheer, because with YOU they will go without the special gifts of the holiday.

Christmass Classroom

In 2016 Project Hawai’i, Inc. received a phone call from a pre-school teacher who had explained to us that all the government funding to facilitate the school had been cut from their pre-school because they could not provide the documentation needed from each child. This was due to the fact most of the children attending were homeless, had no resident, could not come up with birth certificates and other needed materials. 

The 6 teachers who were responsible for the 60 children put together a plan, they got the space they needed donated free of charge, they got a sponsorship for educational resources to open their own center and kept their state funded salaries. This put them in a position to now find donors for everything else. We decided to take on this schools needs and we now provide them with holiday events, we created a garden for them to grow veggies, set up their library and we purchased much of their play ground needs.

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Sponsors Making the Difference over the Years

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