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Breaking down the $20

As our summer camp is approaching, we wanted to break down the costs of a day of meals for our children at camp!

With school being out, many homeless children who rely on school meals as their only source of nutrition now go hungry. As growing kids, this nutrition is vital for their safe and healthy development! The CDC reports that healthy eating helps to reduce of developing health conditions like:

- High blood pressure

- Heart disease

- Type 2 Diabetes

- Dental cavities and more!

That is why here at our summer camp and teen mentoring residency program we provide the meals for these children. By donating only a single $20, we are able to provide the meals that they need!

So let's break it down:

We strive to provide non-GMO and organic choices for all of our meals and snacks since these camps are one of the few times our children are able to eat healthily.

- Dinner : $8

- Lunch : $6

- 2 Snacks : $3 each

For dinner, we include a protein like chicken or beef and ensure to feed the kids healthy quality meat. We also LOCALLY SOURCE whenever possible because we believe that while it may costs a bit more than the import brand, buying local makes the community as a whole stronger! The community needs to be included in our camps!

Buying food for so many children can quickly rack up the bill, but we believe it is vital to do so! So please help us feed our children and ensure that they have the necessary nutrition to grow!

Just go to and donate $20 to feed one child for a whole day!

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