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Santa's Love

Our biggest event of the year, Project Hawai‘i's signature Christmas celebration to help change the life of homeless children by instilling HOPE!!

Project Hawaii's children on Maui are living in cars, vans, and hidden in bushes.

The families move around nightly and live in very unstable situations. Many teens are on their own living on the streets without any supportive needs.

We bring Christmas to the precious children. With your support, we set up in the near by parks across the island so they can enjoy a Christmas event. Our party is designed to raise the self- esteem and self-worth of homeless children and to help the children enjoy the traditions of a holiday season. With community support, Project Hawai’i brings the tree and allow the children to decorate it before they sit down to open their gifts from Santa. 

Project Hawai'i provides each child a hot meal, hygiene bag, a stocking full of Christmas cheer, and a gift the children have specifically asked Santa for. ​

Our homeless keiki play with the elves and  decorate cookies, make small crafts and play games. The joy on the children's faces and in their hearts is what will help each one of them build that self love within, it helps to create an inner voice that tells the child,      "I am loved, I am worth it". 

We need YOU to make your donation today, because Christmas can't come without Your Support

Suggested Sponsorship for a Child's Christmas:

  • Child's Christmas Wish: $35.

  • Teens Christmas Wish: $50.

  • Fill a Stocking: $15.

  • Santa's Bag (hygiene kit): $20.

  • Feed a Family: $35.

  • Full Child's Sponsorship: $105.

  • Full Teen's  Sponsorship: $120.

  • Art/Craft Project: $150.

  • Cookie Decorating: $100.

Mahalo for being part of the Wonders of Christmas for a Homeless Child, who would other wise go without.

This year due to the fires and displacement of so many children, our teams have been working with individual families with children, at various locations across the islands. This will make Maui look a bit different from past years.

Please gift what you can to assure that our keiki have a special holiday season.

Currently we have been working with over 250 children, much more than our usual.

The video above has a story behind it.

On this small island with not much choice of Santa's wishes in the stores, our team of volunteers and donors were on the hunt for a Barbie Doll house, not just any one, needed to be small enough to put back in the van the little girls lives in. The night before the Christmas party we still had no luck finding the house, so we wrapped up a gift and put the child's name on it to put under the tree. Early that morning a volunteer had a phone call from a woman who actually had an extra Barbie Doll House her daughter never used. She wondered if we could use it. Our dedicated elves drove across the island to pick it up and within minutes of her pulling in the parking lot this little girl started opening her gifts. We were able to sneak the doll house under the tree before she finished opening her gifts, and she never knew that it wasn't there. Our team believes in the MAGIC OF SANTA, we believe in these children's dreams!!

WHAT'S EVEN MORE magical?? 

This family was over an hour late for the party, the mom showed up frantic believing she had missed out, or we would be gone already. She was late because she had been accepted into a housing program with a 2 bedroom apartment. She was so excited to announce that her girls would be able to spend their first Christmas in a house. Now these girls will have the proper space to play with their Santa gifts and not have to worry about another clean sweep.

Maui Christmas Party

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