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Long Road to Success

This story is one that statistically should not have happened. When this mom of 8 children came to our outreach program she was one that we know is probably not going to have personal change, but we can help the children, and at least take care of them while she allow us. She was living in a huge van that they had transformed  into a bedroom and all slept on one mattress.

Mom was barely coherent most of the time and doing what it takes to survive the streets with 8 children.  Like many completely dependent on drugs and had no reality that what she was doing was not acceptable. While she did have a high school diploma and had been legally married, this lifestyle she was living was not a product of that short span. It is very common to have several children by several different fathers and some not even knowing who the father actually is. Her life was no different.

Our program became a safe haven for her, one she know she could turn to for all her children's needs and no one would judge her. We would support her children's needs and be there for them regardless. 

Eventually a few years down the road she checked into rehab, her children were placed in protective custody and then returned her when she completed her program. Through all this we stood by her children and helped keep this family stable. Her children grew to know us as family, as a support system they could count on.

After she become clean she did find another boyfriend which resulted in another baby and another absent father. Her teen daughter was also now pregnant and too young to actually be a mom either. Now we had even more babies on the way, more challenges to face with this mom. Other teen children being put in the juvenile system, in jail, on probation and doing drugs. 

Again this is a long story to success!! 

Fast forward 12 years later!!! She has had 5 of her children graduate high school, and all are employed. She has grandchildren who live in houses, and her teens at home are excelling in their studies. Her children have been working through our programs and teen mentoring programs. 

Three years ago she purchased land and built a home for her children to live. They are on their way to success and ending this cycle of which they were all born.

During her building process she actually participated in some of our fundraising events to help purchase appliances, furnishing and more. They have a strong sense of accomplishment and being part of their own success. 

To these children we are their family. They can't image life without the traditions Project Hawai’i, Inc. created throughout their childhood and they continue to connect with us to share their happiness of what our program provided with their own children. Our signature Christmas party is a huge part of the success in all our children's overall development and they continue to come back to help, support and be part of the new children's success. 

The older daughter now has 3 children of her own, all by the same father and she is in school to become a cosmetologist.  She has always been subconscious of her looks, her dress and looking her best regardless how she was living. This is a perfect career for her.

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