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Homeless to College

All our stories have their own unique path to success; however, when a homeless child goes to college it is a very rare experience here on the islands. This teen lost her mother to the prison system at a young age. Being raised along side her siblings by a disabled grandmother who herself did not graduate high school and had children too early in life has not made this path to success easy. When she joined our program she was 6 years old. She was not in school and had very little life skills. As she grew through our program she was a fun spirited active little girl. 

In her middle school ages she decided she could be more than her generations before her. She could do well in school and make friends and would ask us for simple life needs, such as a new outfit, or funds to go on a field trip. She would even sell handmade bracelets to friends to find the resources to live her goals. 

When she was graduating high school she once again needed to find the money to buy her cap and gown, needed money to attend events and be a part of her friends social events. 

It is our honor to have been with her every step of the way. Purchasing her gown, and getting her set for college is the time we know we did our job!! We know she is headed for success, being first to graduate high school, first to go to college and will be the first to raise her family in a home by parents with goals and determination she has never had the opportunity to experience herself.

UPDATE: Fall of 2021 she is enrolled in the UH Culinary Academy and baking her heart out. She has the support of her friends and living in the dormitory. Such a beautiful soul reaching her goals all thanks to the support of our donors!!

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