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jewelry entrepreneur homeless success story

Homeless Teen MOM to Entrepreneur

As so many of our homeless teens when we meet are in the cycle of repeating what they were raised in. This teen was in high-school when we met her and living in a car with her adult sister. Eventually finding property they could afford to build a make shift house, they were one step closer to escaping the cycle of homelessness. She was an amazing young lady as she joined our program as volunteer never expressing her situation. She would come after school to help with anything we were doing and mostly so she could have a warm place to stay and meals. She would be picked up late at night by her sister and would often take leftovers from our family dinner. She was inserting herself in a way she could feel confident and useful in exchange for what she was given.

She became pregnant and could not complete high-school. This is when we knew she was homeless. We worked with her to get the items for the baby and helped her realize her goals of making a future for her daughter.

With her self determination and born a natural amazing artist she started making her own jewelry and clothing. Starting in small art sales on weekends, and online she eventuality opened her own shop and sold online as well. She has her own brand and a personal seamstress in the community.

While her child did grow up in our programs during their earlier years, those days are a thing of the past. Her daughters childhood memories will be of their new house, their new life and their strong mother who took the steps the succeed. 

Today this young teen whose odds were against her is a business owner, homeowner and met a wonderful man to share her life and has a daughter with him. She took her makeshift home and now allows other single moms the opportunity to move ahead as well. This young entrepreneur is one of a kind, but she is a role model and example of what can be done with the support and determination of success.

Island life is hard, and there are many obstacles along the way, but this real life success story of great against all odds achievements is testimony to what can be done.,

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