Feed a Family

Donations to Project Hawai'i provide a hot nutritious holiday meal for homeless keiki and their families. A warm holiday meal for the family raises self-esteem and helps keep the family healthy mind and soul We strive to serve NON GMO /Organic food from locally sourced options.

 In addition to a hot meal at our parties

We now provide meal cards that are far more useful to the families than the previous food boxes and far more helpful to the program's overall success. Especially for families who are continually displaced from clean-sweeps or living in their vehicles.

A family of 4 can be sponsored for $35.00

and a larger family for $65.00. 

 Add a Santa Bag for a family...

Hygiene bags are provided as well, which go a long way towards keeping the children clean and healthy.

Your donation of $12. 

truly makes a difference over their long holiday break! 

Companies that wish to sponsor a Party Dish will also have their name on our tables

  • $500. main dish

  • $250. side dish

  • $150. dessert dish

Christmas Cookies
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