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Teens Christmas Sponsorship

Aloha, Thank you so much for your wonderful consideration towards our homeless keiki Christmas holiday support program. 

For our holiday needs, we are also looking for groups that would be interested in sponsoring the homeless teens. If your group is open to this amazing opportunity, you will be assigned 12 teens to start, or may request more. 

I anticipate approx. 150-160 teens to be signed up through our program wish list this year.

Christmas is a vital part of our overall success for the teens. This allows them the opportunity to choose things they like, feel empowered and learn the value and how to budget their money.

We take them in small groups after the holiday to the various locations of their gift cards and allow them to shop for the afternoon. This also allows them to work as a group and encourage each other with their new found freedom of choice. Building their self-esteem and allowing them to feel part of the joy of being a teen is a step in escaping their cycle of poverty. The other aspect is to take them out of their environment and show them the world around them, the opportunities outside of their small tent life. We have seen teens fill out applications of employment while shopping and actually obtain employment... There are so many benefits to allowing a teen to grow and learn on their own.


To participate, your team would collect the following for each teen (min. 12 teens):


  •  A gift card for $25-$60 for their Santa wish (typically clothing or shoes) from either Ross Dress for Less, TJ MAXX, Target, Pearl Ridge Shopping Mall, the Kapolei new mall, or even Macy's (Macy's gives us an additional 25% off including all clearance).

  • A gift card for $10-$15 for their personal hygiene needs from either Walmart, Longs or Target.

  • A meal card of $10.-$12 from a variety of eateries, such as Taco Bell, Panda's Express, Moes South West,  Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Jamba Juice etc.

  • Some teens will request specific items and or gift cards as well. Such as a gift card for a haircut or perhaps a teen needs something for sports or for their school needs, etc. We are open to sharing those requests if you are open to purchasing such items.


If you have further questions or concerns, please let me know.

If you prefer to collect monetary donations instead of gift cards, that is fine as we will purchase for those who are not otherwise sponsored and we can create your own online donation page or a TEXT TO DONATE number.


Please send fill out this form so I can send you the names and ages of the teens to get you started.

Mahalo again for your wonderful consideration and help making the magic of Christmas come alive for these precious teens!

Sponsor a Teen Collection Request
Which Island are you located?

Mahalo for Signing up to bring Christmas Cheer to homeless Teens!

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