***For the safety of the children, this is not a public event***   


Hilo, Big Island 

Thank you for your concern and willingness to help 350 homeless keiki enjoy a wonderful holiday party experience. Project Hawai'i has 17 years of experience learning what makes an awesome experience for everyone involved and how to make the most beneficial impact with our beloved keiki.​ Due to the size of this event, it is necessary to have guidelines in place with everyone working together to make this a huge success for the children. 



1. PHOTOGRAPHY: There are absolutely NO PHOTOS to be taken​ at the event. There will be many fragile children, some that are in protective custody, so for the safety of the keiki we absolutely do not allow photos.


Project Hawai'i truly appreciates the efforts you and/or your group makes to help run this event, but DO NOT under any circumstances contact the media in regards to the party. 

No exceptions. 

Volunteer groups from organizations will be listed on our website, as well as thanked in our updates, press releases, and social media. 

3. One organization or volunteer group can NOT and WILL NOT claim responsibility on their own for sponsoring this event.  Project Hawai'i commits countless hours and resources to conducting this Christmas Wish party and we will control the public message. We will acknowledge everyone's effort for putting on this wonderful event for the keiki. Volunteer groups from organizations will be listed on our website as well as thanked in our updates, press releases, and social media.

4. FUNDRAISING: All money raised from group fundraisers using the Project Hawai'i, Inc., name MUST be turned over to the charity. It is punishable by law to conduct a fundraiser using a charity's name and not turn over the donations to the named charity.

We  will report violations to the Hawaii Attorney General and pursue punishment to the fullest extent of the law.


5. AMOUNT OF VOLUNTEERS: Due to the limited size of the party location, we must limit the volunteers involved to as few as possible. The families of the homeless children are limited to one adult to allow room for more children, as each additional person, volunteer or adult family member, results in one less child getting to experience this wonderful event. 


6. COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS: Due to the sensitive nature and space restrictions, we are unable to count these hours towards community service. You can use community service hours for outside volunteer options/See Volunteer Pages

A big mahalo in advance for your understanding and compliance to our guidelines. 


1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your volunteer interest from the detail list below. See how you can be part of this wonderful event for the homeless children. 

2. Include your email, phone​, and the number of people you are bringing...see restrictions in each category

The form below does not confirm your position, you will receive a contract email to confirm your enrollment.​

PLEASE NOTE: Volunteers who attend the party will be expected to dress as an ELF. We have several different options to choose from. Or you are welcome to wear your own!  


Project Hawai’i, Inc. christmaswish program


   DROP OFF TIMES: 12PM - 3PM   


Please include in the sign up form below what you're planning to provide. Minimum size is a  large foil tray. Project Hawai'i Inc. will let you know if the dish your volunteering has already been provided.

1. Main Dish: Protein, such as ham, turkey, chicken, etc

2. Side Dish: Veggies, Fruits, casserole, etc.

3. Dessert - At this time Desserts are not needed

4. Refreshments - Must be individual packages such as a juice box or Capri sun. Total need for the party will be 500.

5. Volunteer Snacks - We have a dedicated group of 10-12 volunteers setting up the party from 12PM -  4PM. We are in need of small finger foods or snack items. Healthy choices are best. Please let me know if you are willing to make a snack for them. 


Please bring your items ready to serve. Items that need to be warmed are just fine.    


Using the silver party stereos are the easiest for us.



   TIME COMMITMENT: 4:45PM - 8:00PM   


1. You can provide a game or we have some to choose from. We welcome your creativity to make the party more exciting so please let us know if you have a game you would like to bring. (game will need to be set up by 4PM)

2.  Please provide a $100 donation towards the prizes for the game. We pre-purchase the needed prizes for the games to have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. Every child goes home with a prize. We have a variety of prizes including hygiene products, healthy snacks, art supplies,  books, and other practical items the children can use and benefit from. 


3. Please be at the event between 4:45PM for orientation and game assignment.

4. We limit 2-3 people per game. If your family or group is larger and you all wish to attend, it will be necessary to sponsor more than one game. We limit group size to 6 people total.



   TIME COMMITMENT: 4:30PM - 8:00PM   


Please let me know what type of holiday craft you are providing and what is involved in the form below. Please try not to get too messy. No painting, use glue dots instead of glue, no permanent markers, and no glitter, etc. Messy projects lead to longer cleanup needs and time is limited.

                                            We also have a $400 deposit we don't want to put in jeopardy.


Please no religious themes to respect the children's personal choices.

We can only accept up to 3 people per craft, as space is very limited. 

Plan for 100 children to participate in your craft project. Many of the 350 keiki will not make the craft as they are too young or just don't get to everything since there is so much to do.


Please be there between ​4:30PM to set up your craft materials.


Craft activities will be from 6:00PM - 7:30PM


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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   Pre Party Set Up TIME COMMITMENT: 12PM - 3PM   


We will be unpacking Santa's Sleigh right at 12 PM so please arrive on time.

This includes setting up tables, decorating, prep work, wrap gifts,  etc.  Please plan to be available for whatever is needed from decorating, wrapping gifts, or setting up tables until the shift is over. 


Please email me the number of people who would like to attend.

Water will be available but please eat before you arrive. There is a chance snacks will not be provided. 

PARTY CLEAN UP: Time Commitment 7:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Volunteers will come to put away tables, chairs, sweep and put away party supplies in the truck.

Come early and have dinner with us.

Big Island Christmas Wish Volunteer Questionnaire

This party will be in Hilo on the Big Island. You will be provided with the address​ and date after registration. It is a secure location and is not to be advertised

Let's make this a wonderful holiday memory for these precious children. 

On behalf of the hearts of all the keiki, Mahalo!

Thanks for Submitting!