Thank you for taking the time to find out what type of volunteers we are seeking to help the homeless children. I guess everyone has a different idea of what VOLUNTEERING means, and not all those intentions fit our goals to HELP the homeless children. Those whose ideas do not match are actually a WASTE of our LIMITED time and inhibit us from REACHING our goals to HELP the HOMELESS CHILDREN.

Project Hawai'i, Inc., volunteers are those who are ready and open to participate in the events and opportunities that we have slated. 

  • Those willing to do the tasks at hand to work as a group for the same goals

  • Those who have a talent to share to make our program more successful for the homeless children and our programs we offer

  • Those who wish to fill a position and work independently will be a self starter and be able to follow through with their assigned tasks

Our nonprofit organization runs 100% by volunteers who tirelessly work year round to meet the needs of thousands of homeless children living in extreme poverty situations. Our goal is to help them escape their cycle of poverty.

Yes, we accept those who need community service hours, those enrolled in programs to further their own success, or students who need hours towards graduation. We are happy to HELP you with your success while HELPING the homeless children.

Volunteer Groups we DO NOT ACCEPT:

  • Those who are NOT willing to help with the events we propose, have available, etc. (in that case you can run the "volunteer" service on your own. You would have to set the entire event up with your volunteer support.

  • Those who are doing this as a "team building" or "fun activity" for their own needs. Community service ISN'T ABOUT YOU, that would be considered a business transaction, and we will be HAPPY to facilitate a 3 hour "team building" workshop for your group at the cost of $100. per participant at any time. (Lunch will be provided)

  • Those who are expecting to get something (other than the satisfaction of helping a homeless child)

  • Those who just want to do their own thing and expect our volunteers to pick up the pieces after you have finished.

  • I COULD CONTINUE... but would rather stay positive... Please don't waste our PRECIOUS time that we dedicate towards the HOMELESS CHILDREN if you can not participate with YOUR HEART and not your OWN NEEDS.