Aloha and Welcome to Project Hawai’i, Inc. transitional housing project.

This has been a long time vision and dream of our that is now coming to reality. The goal of our program is the be the final stepping stone to a brighter future for our families. This transitional housing project will allow our homeless families to take the steps to becoming future home owners!!

Ending their cycle of homelessness and poverty for generations to come.


The project will be located in Kea'au on the Big Island. 

There are 3 dwellings being rehabilitated to include a large family home with 3 bedrooms to allow our families to have the room and experience to grow with healthy lifestyle changes needed to transition into a home of their own. The second unit is a 2 bedroom for our kapuna (seniors). We find that many elderly woman are left on the streets after losing their husbands, or even elderly couples have been displaced by family situations beyond their control.

And our last unit is going to be a dorm for college students to be able to earn their degree and move on to a 4 year university.  The dorm units will also be equipped with a "therapy" life planning conference space that will include weekly workshops and mentoring.



We invite YOU to be part of their success and invest in the future of our community and the

homeless families we serve.

Volunteering for this program opens up so many opportunities. Meet new people, learn a new skill, help build a brighter future in our community. Network with the community. Amazing way to spend your summer making a difference in the community and in years to come be able to see the changes you have made in so many lives. What an opportunity to give yourself for personal growth, developing your resume and reaching out to make a difference.

You can share your passions to change lives. Be part of this exciting movement to end the cycle of homelessness and poverty in our own community. 


There are many ways to make a difference!!

We are seeking all sorts of volunteers and skilled construction volunteers as well as donors, sponsors and company investors! 

This is. perfect way to have extra training or practice with construction skills during our time of covid restrictions. Network with professionals and local companies...

All company sponsors/investors with a $10,000 or more sponsorship with either financial donations or in-kind donations will have their banners displayed on the job site throughout the project dates, included with links on our website and designated completion page, in our social media shout outs and live videos, plus logo on our backs of our volunteer t-shirts. Furthermore once completed we will have company plaques with company names for each home. 

All other company donors will have their names on our website completion page with links, and shout outs on social media during the build.

We are in the home stretch with our funding. Our $430,000.00 project is down to only needing approximately $80,000 in supplies/donation to complete our goals!!

Transitional Housing Project Overview

Building 2 / Senior 2 Bed
Building 1/ Family House
Building #3 Dorms
Overall View of the Property
Tool Belt

Construction Volunteers

Join our team and help build a brighter future for our homeless families, kapuna and students

Through the Window

Got Supplies?

 An updates list of our needs to complete the 3 projects.

Want to sponsor a phase, specific supplies, or have extra building materials


Donate to be the Difference.

All companies that sponsor will be placed on the website, in newsletters, press releases, social media shout outs and more.

$10,000. or more will have a dedication plaque on one of the buildings.

Mahalo to our Amazing Sponsors

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Save our fees, send a check to P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749-1844

Other Ways to Donate

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