Transitional Housing Project Overview

Aloha and Welcome to Project Hawai’i, Inc. transitional housing project.

This has been a long time vision and dream of our that is now coming to reality. The goal of our program is the be the final stepping stone to a brighter future for our families. This transitional housing project will allow our homeless families to take the steps to becoming future home owners!!

Ending their cycle of homelessness and poverty for generations to come.


The project will be located in Kea'au on the Big Island. We have secured 3 homes on one property. Two of the larger homes will be able to house larger families to allow their children the opportunity to have space to grow and learn to be in a family situation. Our second smaller unit will be used to house our Kupuna with senior housing and be equipped with elderly safe amenities.   


We invite YOU to be part of their success and invest in the future of our community and the

homeless families we serve.

Volunteering for this program opens up so many opportunities. Meet new people, learn a new skill, or mentor a youth. Network with the community. Amazing way to spend your summer making a difference in the community and in years to come be able to see the changes you have made in so many lives. What an opportunity to give yourself for personal growth, developing your resume and reaching out to make a difference.

You can share your passions to change lives. Be part of this exciting movement to end the cycle of homelessness and poverty in our own community. 


Project Hawai'i, Inc., was chosen as  this years project for Humanitarian Experience for Youth. HEfY is a traveling group that typically builds homes and shelters in third world countries; however, with COVID  restrictions they were forced to choose a US based nonprofit. There group will be sending 20-25 volunteer laborers to help assist on site. Each week we get a new team of volunteers. They will dedicate 8 hours a day Monday-Thursday to our site project. 


There are many ways to make a difference!!

We are seeking all sorts of volunteers and skilled construction volunteers as well as donors, sponsors and company investors! 

This is. perfect way to have extra training or practice with construction skills during our time of covid restrictions. Network with professionals and local companies...

All company sponsors/investors with a $10,000 or more sponsorship with either financial donations or in-kind donations will have their banners displayed on the job site throughout the project dates, included with links on our website and designated completion page, in our social media shout outs and live videos, plus logo on our backs of our volunteer t-shirts. Furthermore once completed we will have company plaques with company names for each home. 

All other company donors will have their names on our website completion page with links, and shout outs on social media during the build.

We are in the home stretch with our funding. Our $430,000.00 project is down to only needing approximately $80,000 in supplies/donation to complete our goals!!

Skilled Construction Volunteers

Volunteers Lifting Construction Frame
10 Positions Available

We are seeking skilled construction volunteers to head/foreman position for each weeks project. 

We would love to have the volunteer arrive Monday morning, get the teams started on a project and lay out the projects/tasks to be completed that week. Work with the team leaders to assure they are set for their Tues-Thursday tasks

WISHES: We would love to have this same volunteer attend 2-4 of the days to assure the team in on task or if they need more guidance.

Corporate Sponsors

Make an Investment Today

Welcome to our life-changing opportunity for our homeless keiki!

Since we began on the islands in 2003, our agency started out in a small encampment called Pu'uMaile on the Big Island working with 75 homeless children that called their area home for generations. 

Once our programs started implementing educational and life planning programs with these families we started seeing change in the whole dynamic of their lifestyles. Between 2006-2008 every single family living there were able to move into housing of some form. To this day 100% of these families are no longer homeless and the grandchildren are being born in housing. 

Another amazing feat is our children are graduating high school and going on the college. 

Currently 4 of our 7 team outreach leaders were homeless moms that were born into poverty. Now they are all successful entrepreneurs and some are home owners. 

Our program does produce success and these homes are an even bigger stepping stone to their brighter future. 

Make your sponsorship today and save lives for generations to come.

Volunteer with TRUCK .. Rubbish/Recycle Hauls 

Truck Bed
10 positions open

We are seeking volunteers who would like to help with our transfer of our rehab materials once a week on your schedule.

Our volunteers will have the piles and separated prior to your scheduled arrival. Volunteers will load the truck and can assist with the dumping as well if you wish.

Our volunteers do not have vehicles during their stay, so we need YOU.

If you choose to haul once or once a week, we are happy to have you

Skilled/Tradesman Volunteers

Fixing the Sink
12 Positions Available

We are seeking skilled tradesman for all phases of our construction rehab. Everything from framing, dry wall, flooring, plumbing, window installation, door hanging, roofing, electrical, masonry, etc. 

GOAL: To have volunteer oversee and assist the TRADE on the scheduled day or two. 

We also also are in need of some of the specialty tools or equipment, so that might beed to be worked out as well. Schedule can be flexible

Volunteer Fundraising Chair/Leader

Gift Card
Join our Team

We need YOU!! We are almost at our goal of raising the funds needed to complete this amazing project.

We need help with writing letters, sending emails, seeking donors/in kind or monetary  donations to complete our project.

Our material list consists of very specific items we can ask specific companies for support, such as plumbing materials, electrical , appliances, windows, doors, tools or use of tools, etc.

We are hoping to secure all materials and support by May 15th. We have a priority list as well a time line of needs from May 15th- Aug 1st.

We are currently partnering with HPM for lots of our different needs as well and hope to add more local companies to make a difference.

When requesting materials/donations we also have advertising and other promotional support to offer on top of the tax deductions. 

Volunteer Organizer

Charity Drive
Love Organizing??

We are seeking someone who can help with organizing the volunteers and their schedule. Making follow up reminders and confirmations on a weekly basis. 

We will work together getting you all the information, you can use your own format.

Must love interacting with people, and be very organized!! 

This is a VIRTUAL Opportunity. Must have a phone and access to email.

Mason or Asphalt

Concrete Mixing
Open Position

We are seeking someone who can help with the drive way/parking area for the senior living side of the homes. Currently there is some concrete and some asphalt that is worn and has holes. We have the labor to help with the laying, mixing, etc... just need someone with tools and knowhow  to build forms or oversee the job. Can be done on your time frame from Mid May-Aug.

Volunteer Meal Provider

50 Meals

Love to COOK? What a great way to give back. Our program has partnered with the mainland group and one of our contractual agreements is to provide a HOT and Nutritious meal with protein and carbs for their hard 8 hour day of hard work. Lunch will be more like a dinner for them, their main meal to give them energy and recharge.

We need 25 portions per day.

Volunteer can sign up for one dish and bring to job site by noon on selected day.

Sample menu (you can submit your own menu).

Chili with rice or cornbread, a side veggie, or fresh garden salad, or fruit. 

Chicken Dish with hot veggie side dish, bread, fresh garden salad or fruit dish.

Casserole or Stew type dish with a veggie or fruit side, roll, garlic bread, etc..

Also open to meal items and I will cook. I have 10 weeks of 5 meals for 25+ volunteers to serve... your donations make the difference!!

Material List 

Tool Belt
Material List

We are updating as we go along, but this is the most recent needs we have for our project. 

On the list you will find more urgent requests, as well as items we need to rent or borrow for specific jobs. 

If you have suggestions or know of other ways to acquire our needed materials, please feel free to assist in securing needed items. Mahalo...

Other Ways to Donate

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