Waikiki Teens on the Streets Outreach Program

Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project Hawaii Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project Hawaii Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project hawai'i Homeless Teens
Project Hawai'i Homeless Teens

Project Hawai'i is expanding their reach to include a new outreach program to the teens living on the streets of Waikiki. 

Our goals are to create a trustworthy relationship with the teens to help them reach their goals and escape their cycle of poverty and homelessness. We will be connecting with each teen on a one on one basis and provide the individual needs to get them on their journey to success. 

DID YOU KNOW? The largest growing age group of homelessness on Hawai'i island are teens and young adults. Children who were born into homelessness and not given the proper guidance and support are now transitioning into becoming a homeless adult. These teens and young adults are our future and the next generation of what is to become. Like it or not, this generation will have a huge impact on our world. The CHOICE IS: to fill our jails, lines at the welfare office for newly born babies, in drug rehab, or living off the streets.... or they could become productive citizens with full-time employment contributing to society, the next one to graduate with honors, have a career, be the next role model to share their story with the new teens... the CHOICE IS OURS!! We can HELP, or we can stand back and watch


Some of the short term goals:

  • Enrolling them in school

  • Connecting them with resources they can actually utilize

  • Provide supportive services and supplies to help obtain their goals

  • Helping them to find employment 

  • Providing a bi-weekly outreach program for updates, support, outreach, etc. (see calendar below for our upcoming events/plans... these will change as we assess our needs)

Volunteer Teams Wanted:

  • Conduct Outreach with us

  • Provide Needed Support Products

  • Conduct Fundraisers/Collection

Sponsor a Teen this Holiday Season. BOTH BIG ISLAND & O'ahu

Project Hawai'i Inc. will be providing over 300 homeless teens with the items below for Christmas. This support helps to build self-esteem and life skills needed to succeed! You can make your sponsorship monetarily or with the following gift cards. To sponsor an entire teen's needs is $75.

  1. GIFT CARD of $40-$50 to purchase a new outfits, shoes or most needed items. Gift cards can be from the following shops, or a prepaid visa/mc. Ross Dress for Less, T.J. Maxx, Local Mall, Target, Macy's (we get a 25% off coupon for each card toward their purchase), etc.

  2. $10 Meal Card to a local eatery fast food location, such as Jamba Juice, Teddy' Burgers, Taco Bell, Panda Express, etc.

  3. $15 Gift Card for Target or Walmart for their own personal hygiene needs

We will be delivering these gift cards with a care package (Stocking) in a small backpack with basic needs, a sack lunch, and healthy snacks.

OUR GOAL FOR CHRISTMAS:  We are asking companies, groups, clubs, etc to take a number of teens to sponsor FULLY!!!, such as 10 teens, 20 teens, etc. If your team would like to host a collection fundraiser for the care bag items, that is truly wonderful, but are goal is to get the teen FULLY sponsored in order to make this Christmas special for each teen!

Project Hawai'i can assist you to collect online, social media announcements, send you a poster or letter to distribute, as well as other help and support. We will list your company on our website and give shout outs on social media.


  • 1/3rd of our homeless population is under the age of 18.

  • Most teens are homeless by choice!! Rather live on the streets than endure the abuse (physical, mental and/or sexual from their "home")

  • All our teens would rather be in school, employed, and on their way to a better life than life on the streets.

  • 1/3 are Hawaiian born and raised, and over 70% have lived here over 10 years.

  • Only 18% of these teens are addicted to drugs. (obviously we are not equipped to save them all, but we want to provide connections for them)

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Have the joy to Help a Teen Escape Poverty:

We strive to provide continued care for our teens to help them escape their cycle of poverty.

Our award winning teen mentoring program provides the teens with resources, life and social skills. Your tax deductible donation provides new outfits, shoes, workshop materials, school based program fees, and work readiness. You have the chance to make a significant change in their lives. We accept gift cards to support their needs.​ This is an ongoing need so your choice to make a monthly donation commitment further helps the homeless teen escape their dire situation.

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Enhancing the Lives of Homeless & Poverty Stricken Keiki

Locations on O'ahu,  Hawai'i Island and Maui

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749-1844 United States

Email: projecthawaii@helpthehomelesskeiki.org

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