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The Summer Camp program is our signature event of the year. 2020 will be the 14th year Project Hawai'i has sponsored this wonderful event.


This opportunity enables us to make a lasting positive impression that will change the path for our homeless keiki. 


We introduce the homeless keiki to many aspects of life to help them learn and grow. Project Hawai'i Summer Camp truly provides these precious children with the hope of a better tomorrow, pride in being prepared for school, and the social skills to make new friendships. We're able to stay true to our mission through the support and involvement of the community.

Project Hawai'i Inc. is run 100% by volunteers.


Project Hawai'i's Educational Summer Camps provide homeless and poverty stricken children with exciting and interactive encounters that will open up the world around them. Our camp is offered free of charge for campers who will realize hands on experiences that will grow their appreciation and understanding of their environment, community, and the Hawaiian culture. We support a well rounded educational program that culminates in a camp graduation where all children are given their essential needs to begin the upcoming school year. This includes a backpack, outfit, shoes, and all the necessary school supplies to give the children the hope they deserve to start the school year right.


Our four week camp is designed to allow the children to escape their everyday troubles in a safe and serene environment. The keiki are able to put aside worrying where their next meal is coming from as the camp provides 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks each day. Project Hawai'i Inc. strives for all of the food served to the campers are healthy and organic when possible.


We keep their minds active and growing by introducing them to various arts, music, cultural learning, and other activities. Sponsored field trips are designed to teach them educational and social skills needed to succeed in school. Campers learn basic life skills to keep clean and healthy. These keiki gain the self-esteem, confidence, and skills needed to return to their world and face challenges with belief in themselves.

Project Hawai'i Inc.'s Summer Camp is held on both the Big Island and O'ahu. The Big Islands Edu-Camp is a sleepover camp held at Kalopa State Park while the Adventures Abound Camp on O'ahu is a day camp.  

The Summer Camp program incorporates each facet of our mission statement by helping the homeless keiki to a brighter future by building their self esteem, keeping them healthy, and teaching them basic life skills, educational skills, and social skills. The Summer Camp program supports our keiki in so many ways including helping them succeed in school.




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project hawaii summer camp


Welcome to Kamp Kalopa "Edu-Camp". This sleepover camp is designed to allow the children to live in a very serene retreat style environment for a week. Away from their worries and hardships at home. Our camp is complete with well equipped cabins , huge multi-purpose room, kitchen, large outdoor pavilions all located in a 52 acre natural state reserve in Honoka’a area.

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp provides the keiki with their complete living needs from sleeping bags, hygiene products, and nutritious meals. The keiki receive camp outfits, shoes, and other needs to assure their hearts are filled with the aloha we offer. This is an opportunity for them to enjoy their newfound self-esteem.

All activities are educational based and designed to open up both the heart and mind of the homeless child. Examples of past activities include science projects, arts & crafts, learning about nature and the animals in it, recreational sports, dancing, yoga, theater classes, and games. Campers are taught how to stay active and healthy while they learn both educational and social skills. 




Project Hawai'i Inc.'s award winning teen mentoring summer camp sponsors 24 homeless high school teenagers who expand their potential and gain leadership skills.  They serve as mentors to the younger campers and help guide them through daily activities.


Our teens build self-esteem and learn life and social skills as they mentor the younger keiki for up to 200 hours.  Teens also participate in multiple two hour workshops earning certificates they can use towards educational goals. Workshop subjects include:

  • Arts as Medicine

  • Discover Me

  • Accept, Adapt, Achieve

  • Teens Toolbox for Life

  • Being a Leader Everyday

  • Hawaiian Culture Lessons


These workshops help teens earn the President's award, which recognizes academic success in the classroom. 

Teen mentoring is a 3-week leadership program dependent upon funding and the child earning their place by being responsible and well behaved. 



Project Hawai'i's Junior Leaders program was introduced in 2015 and has been an excellent opportunity for our keiki as they aged out of camp. This age group is the most vulnerable to help raise their self-esteem, stay healthy, and learn valuable life, social, and educational skills. It was made possible by an award from the HPE Drive to Success Grant to start a 3 year pilot. Our success has now made it an official part of our summer educational programs.  


We sponsor 24 children between the ages of 10-12 who can receive up to 17 days of educational camp dependent upon funding and the child earning their place by being responsible and well behaved.


Our Junior Leaders work with the Teen Mentors for 3-5 days and prepare for when they get to advise and support the younger Camp Buddies. 



This is where the magic starts! Their road to success. Our keiki start the program as early as 3 years old and will continue their journey to becoming a teen mentor. 

Our program provides the basic fundamental skills of listening, standing in line, following directions to help them have a successful beginning in school. 

Our activities help with brain development while they learn social and life skills. This includes how to keep healthy with proper hygiene habits and learning to enjoy physical fitness and meditation.

We host 48 little one's and pair them with a jr. leader and teen mentor. Amazing development starts here.

Share Your Talent is open to the community

to share their passions with our keiki. 



Project Hawai'i's Summer Camp is dedicated to the healthy growth of our homeless children's bodies and minds. We adhere to a strict healthy meal plan and teach a normal meal schedule by providing the children with 3 nutritious meals and 2 healthy snacks daily.


We believe the children of today will determine our tomorrow. We instill healthy habits to help them grow and escape poverty. Statistics show that all children will regress over the long summer break, but those living in poverty, lacking proper nutrition and mind stimulation, will regress an entire school year. Project Hawai'i Summer Camp nutrition program plays a huge role in the overall success of their growth.

Our volunteer staff is certified in food safety, meal preparation, and child nutrition to ensure all meals are healthy. We provide fresh organic fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, whole grains, and more. We do our best to train these children to stay away from foods that will harm their growth,  and help them choose choose healthier alternatives. We strive to be organic and non-gmo.



Project Hawai'i places a high priority on getting all of our homeless keiki ready to go back to school. We will sponsor 350 homeless students in all at a total cost of over $44,000. That is roughly $125 per student to fully support them with their academic needs. Typically we support 200 children on O'ahu and another 150 on the Big Island.


The children are given their essential needs to begin the upcoming school year including a backpack, outfit, socks and shoes, and all the necessary school supplies in an effort to give them a fighting chance for a successful school year. 


It's truly magical to see the self-esteem of a child blossom because they know they'll have what they need in order to achieve success. The educational benefit of the back to school supplies is so vitally important as children would not be able to complete assignments nor engage in school without it.



Graduation Night is a special Hawaiian luau that signals the end of the Big Island EDU-Sleepover Camp. This is a chance to celebrate all of the efforts the children put into camp and all of the lessons they learned over a wonderful luau meal. 


Project Hawai'i passes out certificates of accomplishment as well as recognition for workshops completed. Backpacks and all school supplies are distributed too. 


Graduation night is an excellent way to build strong self-esteem in our homeless keiki as they feel the reward for all their hard work they put into camp.


Welcome to Project Hawai'i 's O'ahu Adventures Abound Summer Camp. This day camp takes place over two weeks and runs Monday - Thursday from 7AM - 4PM. Each day we provides the homeless keiki with an opportunity to learn about the island of O'ahu with interactive experiences to excite their imagination. The camp offers our children a unique and amazing opportunity to explore places normally out of their financial reach.


Project Hawai'i provides each child with their complete needs for each activity. This includes swimsuits, water shoes, sweatshirts, camp t-shirts, towels, and hygiene bags. Having the necessary supplies to participate in the activities is a great way to build self-esteem in our keiki and their hearts are filled with the aloha we offer. 

All activities are educational based and designed to open up both the heart and mind of the homeless child. Examples of past activities include: 

  • Tide Pool Exploration

  • Honolulu Zoo Field Trip

  • Waikiki Aquarium

  • Jungle River Mini Golf

  • Movie Theater Outing


Campers are taught how to stay active and healthy while they learn both educational and social skills. Each day campers engage in circle time, which is an opportunity to further develop skills as they make journal entries and explore projects to reinforce what they have been learning. 

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp is dedicated to the healthy growth of our homeless children's bodies and minds. We provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch, as well as a healthy afternoon snack.  

On the last day of camp, the children are given their essential needs to begin the upcoming school year including a backpack, outfit, socks and shoes, and all the necessary school supplies in an effort to give them a fighting chance for a successful school year. 

Our team of volunteers are dedicated to provide a well rounded educational program to involve as many of the islands' wonders as possible.

We have volunteer opportunities open for those who would like to help our keiki with the day camp. Volunteers are welcome to help chaperone the activity, assist with transportation, and help with the meal prep.  Project Hawai'i is run 100% on the support of volunteers. Click here for opportunities.


We also offer plenty of ways to sponsor a child to assure that our camp continues to run free of charge for many years to come. See below for sponsorship opportunities.

Please, join our journey to help educate these precious keiki and help them break their cycle of poverty. Please donate what you can. Project Hawai'i is run 100% by volunteers and solely supported by public donations that are 100% tax deductible. All proceeds directly benefit our homeless keiki.
 Big Island Edu-Camp SPONSORSHIP   
Your sponsorship is needed to send these precious children to camp. This camp has an average cost of $1,350.00 per child. Please inquire for donation and sponsorship options.
Summer Camp Support Sponsorship Donations:

  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow - $30

  • Backpack - $25

  • Basic School Packet - $15

  • Hygiene Bag & Towel - $25

  • New Outfit - $25 

  • New Shoes - $25 

  • School Uniform T-Shirt - $7

  • School Gym Uniform - $15

  • Graduation Meal - $7

  • PJ's & Underwear - $15

   Big Island Summer Camp Open Chair Position:   

We are seeking an individual on the Big Island who is ready to take on a strong role  for our signature summer camp event. Please EMAIL for more details and HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP





Help us make a positive impact on our precious homeless keiki this summer and join us in sending them to camp where they can learn, receive consistent meals, and best of all just be kids. Our Adventures Abound Day Camp allows children to open their minds to the world around them and help them build their future. This camp has an average cost of $850 per child. Please inquire for donation and sponsorship options.

Summer Camp Support Sponsorship Donations:
  • Daily Field Trip (Entry Fee & Transportation) - $15

  • Backpack - $25

  • Basic School Packet - $15

  • Hygiene Bag & Towel - $25

  • New Outfit - $25 

  • New Shoes - $25 

  • One Child's Daily Meals/Snack: $18.00

  • School Uniform T-Shirt - $7

  • School Gym Uniform - $15

  • Graduation Meal - $7

  • PJ's & Underwear - $15



Project Hawai’i invites you to be part of our journey to end the cycle of poverty among our homeless children. Project Hawai'i is a nonprofit 501c3 tax deductible charity run 100% by volunteers.  Your donation directly benefits our homeless keiki.


Tax ID number 32-0308897.


All company names and logos will be displayed on our website and mentioned at our events and in our social media blasts.  Donations are 100% tax deductible. To become a company or group sponsor, please choose from one of the options below.


  • Sponsor a child's entire needs - $3,200

  • Nutritious Meals (one day) - $1,250.00

  • Cabin Needs: $3,150

  • Cabin Sponsorship - $1,630

  • Teen Rental/Transportation - $3,590

  • Camp T-Shirts: - $3,600

  • Insurance Costs - $6,500

  • Transportation Costs - $4,800

  • Graduation Night Luau - $500

  • Activity/Project Sponsors - $1,000 (15 available)

  • Back to School Support - $350 (24 available)

  • One Day Meal Sponsorship - $679 (9 available)

  • T-Shirt Sponsorship See Below - $650 (10 available)

  • Transportation Sponsorship See Below - $1,850 (4 available)

  • Become a Pāwalu Circle PARTNER. Making an annual 5 year commitment of $20,00


A camp t-shirt is far more than just a shirt to a homeless child. These children live in extreme poverty and come to our camp typically without shoes and clothing. Project Hawai'i provides everything for them including a new clean t-shirt. 


Their own summer camp t-shirt helps the child know they belong to something special and it will change the way they look at both their own life and the world. These shirts represent belonging and show they are loved and are cared for.

We will be printing 1,000 shirts for homeless keiki and volunteers to wear across the islands. All Project Hawai'i campers will be wearing their t-shirts at camp and on field trips into the community. Be part of their journey and path to a bright new future. You can provide that hope and love in their heart by being a sponsor.

  • Company Cost - $650  (hurry only 10 available)


This is an opportunity to display your company magnet on the side of all Project Hawai'i vehicles  as we shuttle the children for the O'ahu Adventure's Abound Day Camp. Your company magnets will be on display showing your support for our wonderful cause of helping the homeless keiki. 

  • Company Cost- $1,850


The first step to an impactful and rewarding partnership is filling out the Agency Questionnaire.....

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