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The Summer Camp program is our signature event of the year. 2021 will be the 15th year Project Hawai'i has sponsored this wonderful event.


This opportunity enables us to make a lasting positive impression that will change the path for our homeless keiki. 

project hawaii summer camp


We introduce the homeless keiki to many aspects of life to help them learn and grow. Project Hawai'i Summer Camp truly provides these precious children with the hope of a better tomorrow, pride in being prepared for school, and the social skills to make new friendships. We're able to stay true to our mission through the support and involvement of the community.

Project Hawai'i Inc. is run 100% by volunteers. We have Camps on Big Island, Maui and Oahu


Project Hawai'i's Educational Summer Camps provide homeless and poverty stricken children with exciting and interactive encounters that will open up the world around them. Our camp is offered free of charge for campers who will realize hands on experiences that will grow their appreciation and understanding of their environment, community, and the Hawaiian culture. We support a well rounded educational program that culminates in a camp graduation where all children are given their essential needs to begin the upcoming school year. This includes a backpack, outfit, shoes, and all the necessary school supplies to give the children the hope they deserve to start the school year right.


Our four week camp is designed to allow the children to escape their everyday troubles in a safe and serene environment. The keiki are able to put aside worrying where their next meal is coming from as the camp provides 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks each day. Project Hawai'i Inc. strives for all of the food served to the campers are healthy and organic when possible.


We keep their minds active and growing by introducing them to various arts, music, cultural learning, and other activities. Sponsored field trips are designed to teach them educational and social skills needed to succeed in school. Campers learn basic life skills to keep clean and healthy. These keiki gain the self-esteem, confidence, and skills needed to return to their world and face challenges with belief in themselves.

Project Hawai'i Inc.'s Summer Camp is held on the islands of

Big Island, Maui and O'ahu.

The Summer Camp program incorporates each facet of our mission statement by

helping the homeless keiki to a brighter future by building their self esteem,

keeping them healthy, and teaching them basic life skills, educational skills, and

social skills. The Summer Camp program supports our keiki in so many ways

ncluding helping them succeed in school.



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Child Reading in the Grass

In the pouring rain we just picked this little one up... our intern caught her on camera... thank you for your support