Social Media Sharing to help homeless keiki end their cycle of poverty

Thank you for your interest in helping us change the lives of homeless children and help them succeed.

Our program provides year round outreach to homeless unsheltered children across the islands of Maui, Big Island and O'ahu.

Our monthly outreach includes providing basic life support such as healthy meals, their monthly hygiene needs, educational packets, art support, etc. We need your support to help us have each child sponsored on a monthly basis.

This is a simple and fun way to share your reason of helping homeless children, the awareness of the crisis these precious children face, and help to raise the funds needed.

Please use the link below to share on your own social media feed/page and ask others to share as well.

Simply write a few sentences of why this is important to you, or even make a selfie video to share your passion. You can add a photo of yourself or use one of ours as well.

Tag Project Hawai’i, Inc. in your posts.

On Instagram  we can be found at on Facebook we are found at @helphomelesskeiki