Share a Meal

Help Feed Our Keiki

Share a meal with a homeless child is one of our programs that we invite the community to help support. 

Our programs provide a variety of services to the children to assure they have healthy meals monthly.

We have monthly outreach with healthy made meals along with meal cards to assure these precious children have food regardless of the cleansweeps, or school closures.

Our homeless children all face very different situations, some live in cars, in tents, or have to move every few days due to security issues.

Some children only have access to school meals, or a church outreach.

We assure that the children across the islands are fed on a regular basis. While we are NOT just a feeding program, worrying about a meal or going to bed hungry is a daily struggle in their lives.

With our support they know they will be fed and can then participate in other life changing opportunities.

Their Struggle  with hunger is a basic need. You can help fill their tummies and their souls.

We have a monthly commitment option or simply make a one time donation to help feed our homeless keiki.

You sharing a meal with these precious children provides hope of a brighter future, and lets them know they are loved.

If you would  like to be involved in helping even more, we are seeking VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS. 

Volunteer coordinators would help by making their own fundraising page to help feed the homeless children, either a one time donation to raise "x" amount of meals for the children, especially during a holiday, or to invite others to join your journey in sponsoring a child on monthly basis. Our goal is to have all of our children sponsored for one meal a month. T

Click here to email us  to find out more information or to make a page of your own.

Help Stop the Hunger Pains

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