SECRET SANTA RULES... if you cannot agree to this, please do not sign up to sponsor a child. The children count on us, and we count on YOU... those who wish to make a difference!

Just as a special gift from Santa comes to your child, we wish for these children to experience the same joy and anticipation of SANTA... not a random person in the community who just happens to care. Your reward is knowing this child's life has HOPE because of you... you are the SANTA that makes this holiday possible...


in the past we have run into issues that groups, people, etc decide at the last minute they want to meet the family, or help deliver the gifts, or have the family come to them, etc...this is NOT POSSIBLE.

Again, as you can see this has to be done in an organized process. There are going to be thousands of items being delivered to various locations on a schedule. So, taking one child or even one family out of that process is not possible. We do have volunteers who have signed up to help deliver. We take the child's privacy and protection seriously. 

 So, if you are not able to just sponsor a child(ren) with cheer and drop off your items at one of the above locations, this might not be the best agency for you to participate in. 

Not to be rude, but if you come to the collection drop off event, try to badger or threaten me into allowing you to deliver or meet the children, I will just send you away with your donation and take care of that child on my own. Again, I don't want to be rude, but we have regulations and I do not have the energy to be that upset during this special time of  the year. (BELIEVE ME, it does happen every year!!!)


Please Note:  We do have a CLOSED private FACEBOOK GROUP for those who wish to follow our Christmas stories... you will need to FRIEND REQUEST me (Magin Patrick) first and then request to be added to the CLOSED CHRISTMAS GROUP.