It is mandatory to follow these rules in order to sign up to sponsor a child. The children count on us, and we count on you!

At Project Hawai'i Inc., we hope and work hard that all our homeless keiki get to experience the same joy and anticipation of Santa as nearly every other child does.  


In the past we have run into issues that groups or individuals decide at the last minute they request to meet the family, help deliver the gifts, or have the family come to them. This is NOT possible due to the safety concerns for both sides as well as possibility of creating an uncomfortable dynamic for one or both parties. Please do not ask for these actions as our primary focus must side with protecting the children. Project Hawai'i Inc.'s many years of experience of delivering holiday cheer has led to these guidelines  which really help us support the homeless keiki in the best way possible. 

Please appreciate the reward of knowing that a child's life has hope now because of you. You are the Santa that makes this holiday possible and Project Hawai'i Inc. truly appreciates you for this.



If you would like to follow our Christmas stories, please friend request me (Magin Patrick) first and then request to be added to the Closed Christmas Group.