Project Hawai'i believes that the simple pleasures that our families take for granted are those that help to shape the self esteem and self worth of the homeless children we provide services to. 
Some might think that an Easter basket or a hunt for eggs isn't important in the big picture of these children's needs. It is not seen as a necessity. However, we believe this is a piece of childhood that holds a great deal of value in their growth, and because society has put such a price tag on the value of these holidays, these children are even more affected by not being able to participate.

Attending summer camp may seem like a luxury to some, but to us it is a chance to provide these children with structure and experiences as well as educating them academically and socially. In these camps our children learn simple lessons from social and behavior norms all the way to how to eat healthy. At the end of our edu-camp each child receives backpacks full of school supplies to give them their best chance in the coming school year. 

One part of this program starts with teen outreach and mentoring. Project Hawai'i reaches out to homeless teens as well as our younger keiki to help them learn and grow in preparation for the outside world. Part of their learning is being camp counselors to the younger children who attend our camps. This completes a full circle of older children learning how to better their lives and accomplish things they never thought possible, like high school and college graduation, then teaching young children what they have learned. The impact of these camps can be life changing.

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Project Hawai'i has seen many successes come from the hope and support we provide. Our services will change lives and we hope to touch the right spot in their hearts of the homeless keiki for them to want to continue their fight for a better tomorrow.

A little girl was the first in her family to finish high school and that would be enough to start the process, but she actually went to and finished a four-year degree in social work and now works with the State Department of Human Services. She was able to change her entire destiny and live a ‘regular” life.’ 

The girl insists that if we hadn’t given her the belief in something other than what she was facing, she would be homeless just like her mom and grandma before her. This is only an example of the success that supporters' dedication and donations bring to these children who don’t really have the hope and belief in their hearts.

The success stories are endless but sadly so are the homeless children replacing those who escape this terrifying cycle of poverty. Please consider how you can help a child. 

"One might not be able to change where they came from, but one change where they are going"

There is a choice to be made as a society. We can turn a blind eye to the poverty and homelessness around us, turning our backs on our homeless keiki.... or we can help them break the sometimes generational cycle of poverty to become productive citizens contributing to society and living their best lives. The potential for each child is there from birth, but is limited by environment and the life situation we are born into. We can help them overcome their environment and situation to succeed in their lives like any other child. All they need is a chance given by someone who cares. 

One cannot change where they came from, but one can change where they are going. And you can help. You can be part of the success story. 

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