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Share Your Talent- Help Keiki Retain their Purpose #livewithpurpose

I believe that everyone on this Earth is born with a #talent for something. Many may struggle most of their life to find their #purpose and to live the way life was intended for them. This sometimes happens due to the circumstances they were born into, or other outside limitations that cause them to lose the drive they had as a child. I do believe that in order for one to find their peace here on Earth and to feel fulfilled they need to #livetheirpurpose

I once took a college course towards my business degree, and one thing my professor asked really stuck with me. As I grew into an adult and realized that for so many people their #passion, or their wish to be was not the same as mine, for I knew my purpose from an early age and never gave that up through hardships faced. I didn’t pay much mind to the question and answers until my children were grown and fallen out of their passion due to the worlds circumstances they faced.

So, what is this #magic question that I feel everyone needs to answer and retain throughout their life? Needs to be their #arrow through the circumstances at all costs?

The question was,

“when you were a child, what did you imagine you would be when you were a grown up; what was your dream for yourself?”

Many of my fellow students had a “regular” goal or life dream, like a #firefighter, or a #teacher, something one could strive for and find a path to obtain. Some had other goals like becoming an #artist, or #musician, or another talent one must either be born with to truly #succeed.

Then the reality of life sets in at a young age, children go to school and are told to study hard, to find a profession which they can live off of, or told “that” is nonsense and to pick a #career path. By the time a child hits the middle school age their “childhood fantasies” are crushed and they have to learn to fit into societies bubble. The light is gone and society becomes a place where everyone is searching, paying for workshops, looking in all corners of their world to find what would fulfill their #souls desire.

Share your talents and allow our keiki to explore the worlds wonders
Learning about Space at 'Imiloa Astronomy Center

So, you have now patiently waited and wondered, what MY dream was, if it wasn’t so “normal” or what I perceived to be a “wish”. Why I didn’t quite understand the professors question until decades later? The professor had us write down our answers before any were announced so that one might not change or feel awkward about their choice. So, I proudly stood up and said, “I wanted to be a Princess”. I didn’t realize that the answer she was seeking was a “LIVE YOUR PURPOSE” question. I was living my #purpose and was letting her know my childhood wish. Most of the students laughed, and my professor said, “and I thought you were”, I looked around my table and wondered what she saw that I didn’t.

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp -Running this #summer #educational camp for these precious #homeless children is a big #responsibility that I take seriously. I have these children at their tender ages, and when they are already born into crisis without a direction or hope for anything more than a hot meal, or shoes for their bare feet, or even a bandaid. While their purpose is inside them, it will take something spectacular to bring it forward. We first need to break through the layers of survival mode and into their soul where their purpose lies.

How do I do this? By inviting guests to SHARE THEIR TALENTS with our children. Exploring different wonders, different skills and different personalities. This is the most important part of their lives…. open up the possibilities in a safe and encouraging environment.

Exploring Dance and Music at Project Hawai'i Summer Camp

I will share this success story:

We had a #dance #instructor come and visit our camp, show the joy of moving and feeling our bodies connect with the sounds. Move our bodies and feel the joy of being connected. This little girl who was born and raised in #poverty and spent most of her days living in a van with her siblings. She wrote a thank you card at our #gratitude activity and wrote, “I have always wanted to dance and wished to be a ballerina, but my dad has no money and we can’t afford to do special things”. I sent this letter to our dance teacher and she in return offered this special child a #scholarship to the #dance studio. This child did attend dance and went on to become a #cheerleader and will continue her studies (hopefully with a scholarship in the performing arts).

All from ONE PERSON #SHARING THEIR TALENT with our homeless children at camp.

Life changes when we know who we are and #share that with the world around us. Share your talent and make a #difference in someone’s life. The purpose of life is not a #mystery the answer lies in all our souls and looks different to everyone as it is spread around the #universe.

Join my journey and see what you can do to change a life today. Openings available on the Big Island July 9th-12th. #projecthawaiisummercamp #shareyourtalents #bigisland #volunteer #makeadifference

Hosted on Big Island and O'ahu
Project Hawai'i Summer Educational Program

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