• Magin Patrick

Let us be YOUR walking billboards all summer camp

Companies who show the community they care have better results. The #giversgain concept truly works. Your tax deductible #donation helps our children learn and grow to become functional and productive citizens in our community verses staying on welfare or continuing their cycle of poverty. The community sees who is helping and will choose to support that company versus a company that just or profit and not for a purpose to change.

Project Hawai'i, Inc is a nonprofit organization run 100% by volunteers and provides this FREE summer educational camp for homeless children. We print 800 shirts, add your logo and links to our websites and shout outs all summer long in various social media outlets. We advertise to the community that YOU #care

Deadline is May 15th. We have limited space to assure your logo is seen from afar.

Here is more information https://www.helpthehomelesskeiki.org/so/9MB7t3Oc

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