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Creating a Leader

Creating a Leader: What does it mean to YOU when you hear the word “leader”. Probably so many things, and many may not fall into the category of a 10 year old #homeless #child.

I personally have never thought of myself as a #leader. Usually I think of myself as “I will try this! If you choose to follow my journey, I can’t promise where it will lead”. Now decades later I have been able to create paths for people to join in their own way and make their own choices for change. #Leadership=Inspiring others to take action

Somehow along this path, Cliff came in and wanted to start a Jr. Leader Program. Our jr leaders are 10-12 years of age and not only need lots of guidance they need a LEADER, before they can become a leader… so of course I was lost with this concept.

I did a lot of research and found that what Project Hawai’i Summer Camp needs are from these leaders was a simpler task than the books and articles of creating a leader could offer. Our little #campers need someone to assist them to understand the rules and how to pay attention to what is going on in front of them. This is something our “so called” jr. leaders needed too!! So, how are we going to create these leaders when it is impossible to tell the difference between the two?

Project Hawai’i believes that regardless of the circumstances of self-limiting beliefs everyone can live their full potential. Our #goal is to make in impact on these young lives that will carry them through the next #journey of their lives ready to be a leader, a change maker, and make an #impact in the world around them. I found a few simple solutions to teach these little jr. leaders the important role they have, the reason it is important and the value they will gain from becoming #leaders.

And a quote from our 6th President Quincy Adams said,

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Pretty simple, right? Well maybe not to a 10 year old boy who has spent his life being homeless and lacking social and life skills himself, or a homeless 11 year old girl who can’t seem to find guidance at home. So, start with the basics and we move forward in the short week we have with them before camp starts and their new-found roles are implemented.

Here are some suggestions we have found to be invaluable for our success.

We teach these basic skills that will help them to gain the self confidence they need to be that leader we want to create.

  • Set and Understand Your #Goals, define what you need to have completed or followed. Allowing the little ones to know what is expected of them, and help them reach your goals. #Success is completing the task at hand.

  • TAKE ACTION - Lead by example (allow others to understand what you need by your actions, not your “loud” words, or overbearing messages.) Taking small steps to show you take action without being told or asked. Show you are a high-achiever and get results. Inspire others to #follow your #lead

  • When you are struggling: Ask Questions WITHIN yourself, rather than ask what the PROBLEM is?:

  1. What can I do to be a better leader -vs- what is going wrong with “them”

  2. What is ONE thing I can do RIGHT NOW to be a better leader - vs - there is too many things that need to be changed

  3. Who is the “leader” you were inspired by? - vs - I do have a good role model, or anyone to look up to.

  • REVIEW your results daily/weekly: Write down all your small accomplishments and gains daily - vs - Thinking nothing I do is working. And today a special group The Pollination Project who has been funding our camp for some time now has a NEW POST called Sharing Mondays-Share and Celebrate your recent wins on their facebook page.

This seems to be more than enough to put in front of a child who lacks the basic life and social skills and has been classified as an at-risk child. Our goal is to have this program become just as successful as our teen mentoring program and help 100% of the children who graduate our program to go on to higher #education and be a leader in whatever their #hearts desire.

Thank you for following our #blog and if you would like to be involved in the process of #creating leaders. #volunteer #opportunities are available from July 9th-12th on the #bigisland of #Hawaii

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