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Companies that Care Wanted!

There is a new #generation of like-minded individuals out there creating their #dreams and #living their #passions for a purpose higher than the old fashioned for profit business. Yes, of course these #entrepreneurs want to make an awesome living, they also wish to make awesome #changes in the world around them.

Award for our Jr Leader Program from HPE #HPEGIVES

Project Hawai'i relies on #community support to provide the ongoing services to the #homelesskeiki on the islands of #Hawaii. This is note an easy task without wonderful change makers out there #donating their #profits to our cause. I have found that those who do contribute more seem to be more community driven, goal orientated and because they have set their standards higher, they achieve more. Some call it #giversgain, others call it #forbenefitbusiness and others call it #philanthropy. Whatever you want to label this ever-growing change, we at Project Hawai'i, Inc, invite you to join our journey and help end the cycle of poverty and homelessness here on the islands.

Orangetheory did a donation challenge with their members

I believe those who live on purpose and have found their passion are the one's who are truly successful in their journey through life. I am one who helps those who would otherwise not have a successful future and guide them towards their natural born gifts and talents.

Along my journey I am constantly reminded that some companies just don't get it. I don't want to say they don't care, but they lack the understanding of giving from the heart, rather than because they are forced to give or pay taxes. I would love to build the foundation of Project Hawai'i, Inc., with the one's who truly care to #bethedifference, not just make a #donation here and there.

Carwash Fundraiser

If your #team or #group, #company or the #newwave of #companieswhocare would like to help our goal of ending the cycle of poverty among our #homeless #keiki, please consider finding out more. Please allow us to introduce our philosophy to your team and be the difference we all want to see.

Keri Sheppard is a prime example of those who care! Her monthly donations help keep our outreach running year round...

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