• Magin Patrick

Beautiful Day to Make a Difference!

#WOWwednesday is just another day in the week that ONE COULD choose to make a difference. I am often asked, "how do "I" know that "my" donation or investment in @ProjectHawaiiInc will make a difference, or is it just another random #donation?"

I am usually hesitant with my answer because with our #nonprofit we don't spend lots of time on forms and "desk type" calculations, rather, we are more interactive and engage while the children #succeed over the years.

I want to share this story for a better understanding of how YOUR "INVESTMENT" is making THE DIFFERENCE that most hope to accomplish...

About 10 years ago a little boy and his sister attended camp at the ages of 4 and 5 years old. These two precious children were living in unheard of situations being raised by an abusive step father and drug addicted mother. During camp we saw their smiles and their bubbly personalities start to come out. Refreshening their #childhood #happiness! Years went by and these two would attend camp and other year round functions on and off.

Three years ago we started a jr. leader program at camp to follow along the path of our teen mentoring program and the two were enrolled. With every new program their is room for improvement and learning.....

This now, teen boy, is in our teen mentoring program, has found a new environment to live and is doing well. This decade long journey for this boy has been a struggle. We have seen him being bounced from family to family, living homeless and with different relatives. He has managed to keep his grades up, participate in numerous sports at school and continues to work towards his success. Something that not only takes tremendous #support from Project Hawai'i, Inc., his new found family support, but also from this young man's will to escape his cycle of #poverty.

Entering his sophomore year, he has already been approved for the early entry college program and will be attending #training programs to assure upon completion of high school his road to success is paved with opportunity.

#Statistics of the children we work with would have a completely different outcome and continue to be part of the system that drains our #economy, rather than contributes to it. So, when asked if YOUR DONATION or INVESTMENT is going to help change the future! The answer is #YES!!!

This ONE example has already changed the path, and helped in the local community and state. This one young man will NOT BE the statistic in jail (average $68k a year), on drugs (37% of Hawaii's youth), having babies to numerous mamas on welfare (7 different programs for children averages $1,200 per month per child).. rather, he will be saving lives as he pursues his career as a #

future #fire-fighter.

We don't want to leave the sister out of the success... she is doing well, but no longer on the island..

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