These areas are smaller fundraisers created for smaller groups and organizations that would like to play a role in our charity and help us achieve our mission

Please read these supporting roles and fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page indicating how you would like to help us in making the future brighter for our homeless keiki.

These supporting campaigns follow our mission by fundraising donations to be used in our programs to help the homeless keiki to a brighter future. We accomplish this by building their self esteem, keeping them healthy, and teaching them basic life skills, educational skills, and social skills. 

We are their stepping stones to a brighter future. Volunteers working hard to give the homeless keiki the support they deserve will feel the strong emotional reward that comes with helping others. We are always looking for people who are passionate and ready to help the lives of these precious children and are eager to work with you and your group.

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It is UNLAWFUL to conduct a fundraiser and then not give donations to Project Hawai'i, Inc. It is punishable by law and we will report violations to the Hawaii Attorney General and will pursue punishment to the fullest extent of the law.



Project Hawai'i needs to raise enough money to purchase a 15 passenger van for the island of O'ahu by the first of June for our Summer Educational Programs. The van will also be used during the holidays as well as for conducting outreach. The projected cost of the van is $15,000. Currently, we lease transportation vans for summer camp, teen mentoring activities, and holiday events with total expenses running roughly $7,500/ year. Once purchased, we would be able to direct these funds back towards the heart and soul of our operation, which is the direct benefit for the homeless keiki. 


In the past camp attendees have been unable to attend camp at the last minute due to lack of proper transportation. Having reliable transportation to ensure our programs reach as many homeless children as our program capacity permits, means we can make the biggest positive impact with the resources we have and eliminate the disappointment from the children we have to say no to. This van will help us help them, please give what you can.

We are also seeking monthly support which will allow us to finance a van over time and get the benefit of using it now.

A Company can benefit by having their name on the van, on our website, and through social media. Just think of all the goodwill that will present itself with the photos of all the kids in the van. Your company or organization can feel that goodwill. The community will be part of the future of these children and these children will grow up to be the future. You have the chance to help make that future a little brighter. Fill out the questionnaire clicking here to get started.

Here is a picture of our Big Island transportation van with us holding up

magnetic signs that attach to the van for the community to see while we're

shuttling our campers. Mahalo again Anthology Group for your wonderful

donation allowing us to purchase our summer camp van. This van has

already greatly increased our reach to the homeless keiki on the Big Island

and significantly reduced our transportation costs allowing us to provide

far more benefits to the children. Again our goal is to have a van for our

O'ahu Summer Camp this June.

Van Anthology Sign.jpg

Project Hawai'i works with youth groups and clubs and we can help you make a meaningful impact in the lives of our homeless keiki living in extreme poverty.


We will work with your group to tailor a fundraiser to provide the best benefit we can for the homeless children and foster a learning opportunity for your group.

If your classroom would like to host a fundraiser for one of our upcoming events, we can come and give a presentation to the class. 

Please fill out the questionnaire clicking here to get started. More details and guidelines will be provided upon your request.




Share a Meal campaign provides children healthy meals over their long  winter break from school. 98% of homeless children rely on their free meal program at school for their only source of daily food. When school is out for over 3 weeks during winter break, these children do not know when they will eat again. 


Hunger pains are real and no child should have to experience this reality. Our program allows you to include a homeless child in your holiday meal celebration for as little as $7. Invite a homeless child to share a meal when your family shares a special treat or moment in your life. Open your heart to one of our homeless keiki and a minimum donation of $7 will allow them to enjoy a meal just as you do. Donations of more than $7 are greatly appreciated as it allows us to reach even more children, but every dollar donated is considered significant and put to great use.

We provide year round services to over 1,500 homeless children

delivering healthy meals and food gift cards.

Our goal is to provide a meal card to 100 children every month.


Homelessness means regularly dealing with food instability.

When we can provide meal cards to the children, the joy on their

faces is truly magical when they learn that they are going to get to

enjoy a hot meal.

Feel the power of giving and don't let another meal go by without sharing one with another.

We are seeking those who would like to join our goals to end the cycle of poverty and help nourish these precious children. You can set up a fundraiser or reach out to friends and family to adopt the Share a Meal concept and make a donation for an extra meal that can be used to feed a homeless child. Making a monthly commitment increases your impact and allows us to better reach our goals and feed more children. 


Fill out the questionnaire clicking here to get started.


share a meal flier

covid update.jpg

Social Media Coordinator

We are seeking volunteers who would like to help spread awareness, fundraiser and information about Project Hawai’i, Inc

Volunteers would make a commitment to share a minimum of 3 times a month on their social media platform.

Great way to practice your writing skills, video stories and obtaining hours for community service.​ Once you have agreed and signed up you will

follow these guidelines:

  • Connect with us at least 3 times a month for updated information.

  • Choose a photo from our selection or make a video of yourself

  • Write a short story/paragraph in your own word from our information given

  • Post on your social media, tag Project Hawai’i, Inc. ad use our hashtags.

 Healthy Hearts for Homeless Keiki 

Healthy Hearts for homeless keiki is a campaign to collect the funds needed to provide year round support towards after school sporting activities. Every year homeless children are left out of being part of a team and learning a new sport or activity due to lack of funds towards the required accessories. This can sometimes be as simple as getting the child a pair of shoes. We provide all the supplies and uniforms needed.


Staying active and getting to feel a sense of belonging is a huge key to their success and is critical to our mission of building self-esteem in the child. Most homeless children living in poverty have low self-esteem, limited social and life skills and definitely don't have an open opportunity to participate in school based or extracurricular activities. 




Coordinate and set up fundraisers with local gyms, fitness centers, physical trainers, and fitness groups.

As a fundraising coordinator, you would reach out and identify locations and groups that are willing to help and implement a promotion to raise funds for Project Hawai'i Inc.  


   Coordinator Duties:   

  1. Contact the group, owner, or instructor of the fitness group

  2. Establish a time frame, a promotion, and obtain a commitment to Project Hawai'i

  3. Be the voice for the homeless children


Engage social media to raise awareness and reach to your promotion.We will provide you with supportive needs and meet the group if they request an introduction to our charity.  

   Fundraising Ideas:   

  • Yoga

  • Zumba

  • Kickboxing

  • Running

  • Walking

  • Stroller Races


Our goal for this campaign is to have an active fund that allows us to sponsor the child's needs as they arise. A typical sport can cost well over $100 per child. For some children, the results can be life-changing as the child develop their skills, instill values they’ll have forever, and begin to learn the importance of teamwork.

The largest obstacle these children face joining a team or a sports group is the lack of funds sign up. Your individual or group campaign can be the difference in helping our homeless keiki experience the benefits of exercise and the pride of being a contributor on a team.

Fill out the questionnaire clicking here to get started.



This is a wonderful opportunity to help feed the homeless children. We are seeking groups, teams, and families who want to make a difference by raising money that we can use to provide meals for children who suffer from food instability. 

Donations to Project Hawai'i provide hot nutritious meals for homeless keikis and their families. A warm meal for the family raises self-esteem and helps keep the family healthy.


We now provide meal cards that are far more useful to the families than the previous food boxes and far more helpful to the program's overall success. A family of 4 can be sponsored for $35 and a larger family for $65. 



Volunteer today to sponsor a meal for just one child for only $7.  You can share your impactful campaign to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

If your classroom would like to host a fundraiser for one of our upcoming events, we can come and give a presentation to the class. 

To register, fill out the questionnaire clicking here to get started.



We are seeking individuals, groups, clubs, classrooms, etc. to help us collect pennies to provide the homeless keiki with their basic needs. These programs are all run 100% by public donations so every penny really does make a difference.

Throughout the year we conduct several collections and fundraisers where people can give their extra pennies. Some apologize saying "that is all I can give" while others wish us good luck and throw in their pennies. 

100 pennies provides a bottle of shampoo, 150 pennies provides a healthy snack, and it only takes 2,000 pennies to provide a sleeping bag. Those pennies really do make a difference and we have collected hundreds of dollars in pennies to help support the needs of our homeless keiki. 

If you would like to take part in our Every Penny Counts Campaign and put together a collection, please fill out the questionnaire clicking here to get started.



If your group, club, team, corporate team, or youth group is traveling to the islands of Hawai'i, we can help you make a meaningful impact in the lives of our homeless keiki living in extreme poverty.


​​Project Hawai’i can support your efforts to make a difference  by providing the following:

Depending on number of days / hours you would like to volunteer and time of year will have different opportunities available.


  • Fun interactive project or fundraiser to help us reach our goals in helping the homeless keiki and provide your team with a lasting rewarding experience. During the summer we do have our camp that can also provide opportunity for one on one interaction with the children if you are volunteering over a longer period of time.


  • A presentation overview of our charity and we can share

  • success stories as well as shed light on the real hardships

  • our children face


  • Provide a fundraising platform that can be shared on social media.

  • We can assist you in obtaining donation matches from companies


​​Please let us know the island and dates you are visiting along with your vision in the questionnaire below.

We look forward to hearing how we can make real world change together to support our homeless keiki.


Volunteer Questionaire

Please fill out the questionnaire and let us know how you would like to help us in making the future brighter for our homeless keiki.

Please provide as much detail and information as possible.. Mahalo