15 Passenger Van Request for Oahu

Project Hawai'i NEEDS to raise enough money to purchase a 15 passenger van for the island of O'ahu by the first of June for our Summer Educational Programs. The van will also be used during the holidays as well as for conducting outreach. The projected cost of the van is $15,000. Currently, we lease transportation vans for summer camp, teen mentoring activities, and holiday events with total expenses running roughly $7,500/ year. Once purchased, we would be able to direct these funds back towards the heart and soul of our operation, which is direct benefit for the homeless keiki. 


In the past camp attendees have been unable to attend camp at the last minute due to lack of proper transportation. Having reliable transportation to ensure our programs reach as many homeless children as our program capacity permits, means we can make the biggest positive impact with the resources we have and eliminate the disappointment from the children we have to say no to. We need to "FIX this FIXABLE PROBLEM". This van will help us help them...please give what you can.

We are also seeking monthly support which will allow us to finance a van over time and get the benefit of using it now.

How do YOU benefit from helping? A Company can have their name on the van, on our website, and through social media. Just think of all the goodwill that will present itself with the photos of all the kids in the van. Your company/organization can feel that goodwill. The community will be part of the future of these children and these children will grow up to be the future. You have the chance to help make that future a liitle brighter.