Adventures Abound Day Camp 

Our camp is designed to open the world up to our keiki. Teach them social and life skills to succeed. Run completely by YOUR donation. 

Look over this page to see how you can make a difference.

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We introduce the homeless keiki to many aspects of life to help them learn and grow. Project Hawai'i Summer Camp truly provides these precious children with the hope of a better tomorrow, pride in being prepared for school, and the social skills to make new friendships. We're able to stay true to our mission through the support and involvement of the community. 

Project Hawaii's Summer Camp program is run 100% by volunteers and solely supported by public donations. Our dedicated volunteers work throughout the year to assure the overall success of the camp. Be part of our dynamic volunteer team to help take on challenges throughout the year to assure our keiki gain the self-esteem needed to grow and escape the cycle of poverty within their own lives. You can help make a difference by volunteering for just one aspect of our summer camp program.

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Field Trip Support Opportunities   


Keeping our homeless keiki healthy is a main component of our mission. Providing nutritious meals over their summer break is how we accomplish this. You can volunteer to provide meal support to our precious children by:

  1. Create a Fundraiser for our keiki to purchase meals at one of our field trip destinations (or have a local eatery donate)

  2. Prepare and deliver sack lunches for our field trips

  3. Donate snacks and makings for our campers

This link will show you what dates/times and meals are still available for sponsorship  



Transportation is vital to the success of our Adventures Abound Day Camp.

We are seeking those who would like  to sponsor a fundraiser to connect with local

companies to cover our cost.

Our 2- week program has at cost of $2,600. 



Some Field Trip Locations


Tide Pool Exploration:

  • Swimsuits $20.  (all boys suits must be the same / all girls suits must be the same)

  • Rubber soul water shoes $13. 

  • Beach Towel $8.

  • Sunscreen $2.

  • Lunch / Snack Sponsor

  • Transportation Costs

Honolulu Zoo Field Trip:

  • Entrance Fee - Child $4.00 / Teen $8.00

  • Lunch at the Snack Bar -- $6.50 per child

  • Snack Sponsors

  • Transportation / Parking Costs

Waikiki Aquarium Field Trip:

  • Entrance Fee - Child $5.00 / Teen $8.00

  • Lunch / Snack Sponsors - Meal/snack can be brought to the Aquarium 

  • Transportation Costs

Movie Day at the Theater:

  • Entrance Fee - $10.50 

  • Kids Meal - $8.50

  • Transportation Costs

Jungle River Mini Golf:

  • Entrance Fee - $4.00

  • Lunch / Snack Sponsors - Meal/snack can be brought to course in Pearl Ridge at noon.

  • Ice Cream Bar - $1.00

  • Transportation Costs

Our summer camp is run by our internship program and is not open to public hands on opportunities



We invite the public to share their talents with our homeless keiki on O'ahu. Our goal is to help open the camper's minds to the wonders around them while teaching them proper behavior required to learn and succeed in school. Campers will learn to follow directions, wait their turn, stand in line, listen, work together, and so much more. We only have a week to get them ready to succeed for their upcoming year at school.

Each workshop / activity is 3 hours long. You can choose either the morning or afternoon time slot whichever is more convenient for you.  Workshops on O'ahu will be hosted in Wai'anae.


The ways to connect your passion with our homeless keiki are limitless.

  • Hula Kumu - Teaching a simple hula dance

  • Hula Skirt Maker - These are apart of our graduation luau

  • Hawaiian Cultural Educational Classes - Turn learning into a fun game

  • Science, Nature, or Environmental Classes

  • Yoga Exercise Class

  • Sports Activities

  • Dance Lessons

  • Musical Exploration

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Costume or Theater Activity

  • Make Tye Dye T-Shirts

  • Make Themed Hats

  • Healthy Eating

  • Basic Life Skills Educational Class

  • Dr. Suess Day

  • 4th of July Activity


Back to School

Once our keiki have had their life skills developed and proud of their accomplishments, we will send them back to school ready to succeed. This is the key to helping them feel confident on their first day of school. It is a sad statistic that most homeless children start dropping out of school in the 4th grade. Most of that is due to lack of being prepared and keeping up with what is required of them. 

Project Hawai'i, Inc fully prepares them for success. WE COUNT ON YOU to make the difference!

To sponsor a full child's needs it costs: $114.

Backpack $25

Basic School Supply Pack $15

School Uniforms: $14

New Outfit: $20

New Shoes/Socks: $25

Hygiene Bag: $15

Additional Support for Middle and High School Needs:

Gym Uniform: $15

Meal Cards: $10

O'ahu Summer Camp Volunteer Questionnaire

Our traveling adventure summer camp session provides our homeless keiki with the opportunity to learn about our island with hands on experiences to excite their imagination. You will be provided with more after signing up.

Let's make this a wonderful memory for these precious children. On behalf of the hearts of all the keiki, mahalo!

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